Tuesday, April 19, 2011

brynn's 4 month stats

this entry is for my own benefit because i don't have that steel trap memory that many mothers are blessed with.

so if another mother were to strike up a conversation with me in regards to my children's "stats"- i have a feeling it would go something like this,

her: "oh hello! your girls are just darling! now tell me, how much did brynn weigh when she was 4 months old? and how long was she? and her head circumference?"

me: "...wait. i have children? i'm a mother??!!? i had babies & they grew & reached milestones that i'm supposed to remember?!?! lkghfyrnebcebeyimo!!!!!!!!"

(commence me looking down & realizing that i'm wearing a cardigan & clogs & clutching a fistfull of coupons. dear God! when did this happen!? what have i become!!!!??)

i kid. i kid. but only slightly. because i just looked down & realized that i am indeed wearing a cardigan, Dansko clogs & i just printed & cut out 2 coupons for Chobani yogurt ::squee::

le'sigh. anyway- i digress. here are brynn's 4 month stats:

weight: 14 lbs 8.1 oz

height: 25.2 inches

head circ: 42 cm

and she got 3 vaccines. 2 shots & 1 oral.

she's healthy & adorable & is chock full of unicorns, lollipops & moonbeams- hooray!
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Mrs. D said...

HAHA! Oh, your crack me up!

Still can't believe she's 4mo old.

Meg Smith said...

Those dang Dansko clogs are unavoidable, I swear. I bought a pair to wear ONLY while I was pregnant, yet I still look down and there they are, looking a frumpy as ever, but still oh-so-comfy!

And yay for healthy babies & coupons!!!

Mrs. R said...

I live in cardigans. I still wear my ugly prego comfy shoes from time to time. And have recently become a coupon clipper. WHAT. THE. HELL?

Erica said...

ha! u r funny ! and BTW I am one of the crazy coupon ladies in my supermarket...LOL....and ewwww i just referred to myself as a lady (sounds kinda old)

Mitzi G. said...


Jess said...

bahaha. This post cracks me up!! :D

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