Wednesday, April 20, 2011

what they wore


top: gift (Target)

skirt: Target

leggings: BabyLegs

shoes: Converse


onesie: H&M

leggings: BabyLegs

bib: BeanPickleSprout


as you can see- the jumper has made it's way back upstairs. i'm honestly not sure why i didn't haul this thing up weeks ago- bryn can more than hold her head up & she's a sucker for anything brightly colored & dangly.

as soon as i put her in this thing it was like sensory overload. she actually sat there in some sort of stunned silence for a good 2 minutes- probably trying to figure out how to process all of the amazing right in front of her face.


alex, at first oblivious, quickly came over to investigate.


she alternated between "showing" brynn all of the toys & trying to shove a popsicle down her throat.


thankfully this friendly interaction allowed me 15 minutes to throw dinner together.

then both girls lost interest & realized that one child was covered in poop & the other had painted a large section of the floor (and her body) with an orange popsicle.

bath time.


and last but not least- i finally put alex's hair into pigtails. i'm really not sure why i haven't attempted this before- because it's adorable.

it could have something to do with the fact that my child associates getting her hair done with being tortured- so the price i pay for these pigtails is pretty steep- but it's worth it.
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Ryan V. said...

haha my brother does my nieces hair because my sis in law literally does not know how to put a kids hair in a pony OR pigtails. He's actually getting pretty good at it. (shes 4 now). Your girls are so sweet. Love those cow print baby legs! Alex loves her some popsicles doesn't she? lol

Ana B said...

They're adorable!

J.Mo said...

Oh! Definitely worth it!

Mitzi G. said...

LOVE the pigtails!!!

Mrs.F said...

Seriously... pigtails are my fave.

Sarah-Anne said...

OMG, the pigtails!!