Tuesday, April 5, 2011

easter outfits

so- who wants to see what my children will be wearing for Easter this year?

i wanted them to match- but not be matchy matchy (if that makes any sense)

i also don't like frills & excessive ruffles & bows & flowers (which i'm sure you all know by now)

i wanted modern but still fun & girly- so here's what we've got:

alex's dress:


brynn's romper:


and both girls have the same shoes (in their respective sizes):


adorable- right?

my fingers are crossed that the weather cooperates- bundling them up is NOT an option. these outfits scream "SPRING" and so, help me God, we're going to embrace it.

disclaimer: i will not permit my children to freeze, so if it is 35° then cardigans & tights will make an appearance...boo hiss

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Jess said...

... reason #2315 why I need a girl!! Adorable girly Easter outfits!
Love, love, love your picks. I knew I would.
PS- you commented that you got rid of your BGs, so what are you using now?

Anonymous said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! lOVE IT!

Raising Madison said...

where did those come from? so cute!

Lindsay said...

Hi! Saw you on Top Mommy Blogs. :)

Both those outfits (OMG, and the shoes!) are super cute.

ColoradoBelle said...

Beyond adorable!

t.bird said...

Jess- SPOSIES ::gasp:: i keep flip flopping on buying all brand new cloth...i'm cheap :(


RM: Tea Collection! and see kai run :)

Lindsay- oh my- forgot about TMB- thank you!

CB: thank you!

Peeper said...

I love tea!

i find their stuff at some of the consignment stores here - I can't justify the prices for daily wear. Special occasions like Easter are different though :)

Kara5109 said...

Those are adorable! I love that romper especially.

Lea said...

Love the outfits! I love that you are not afraid to go with bold, vibrant and fun colors an styles for your girls. Pastels are okay but not nearly as much fun as limes, oranges and bright blues! :)
Can't wait to see pics!

bruce.catto said...

Just adore the girls outfits!! Too cute. We are getting ready for our winter Downunder!

Mrs.F said...

Sooo adorable. Totally your style!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I came over to say hi and check on your girls!

They are both gorgeous - and you chose beautiful outfits for them. Love the colours - they scream SPRING!

Now how did i not know you had a cooking blog? I've been DROOLING for the last 30 minutes or so :)

Who taught you to cook? Or do you come by it naturally? You seem so comfortable in the kitchen.

MarMat said...

I confess. I love your style, I mean, for dressing girls. I've tried to copy some outfits, sort of style. I'm also not fan of pink although my D looks great on it.

Sarah-Anne said...