Monday, February 28, 2011

catching up

has it been a week? time flies- in fact, it's flying so fast that in 2 week's time i'll be back at work. i'm very ok with this.

i love my girls & treasure every second with them- but being a working mom makes me a better mom. honestly. it is what it is.

with that said, let's catch up:

new shoes are fun- and they entice high pitched squealing from my child. and me.

(excuse the orange/pink overtones of these pictures- they were taken in alex's room. it's bright orange. and yes- you still haven't seen alex's room. soon- i promise)


Livie & Luca. i've lusted after these for awhile now & finally decided to take the plunge & buy them. i mean, brynn can wear them too one day- so it makes it ok.

and these bad boys are alex's new obsession. she stares at them lovingly...while she's walking. dangerous.


can you guess what's inside?


oh snap. be still my heart.


when i pulled these out of the box, alex's face nearly exploded with "omgshutupwhattheheckohyeahbaby!!!"

unfortunately they're size 6 & way too big- so i did what any normal parent would do- i ordered another pair in size 5 so she can wear them right now. because hello, she needs them.

the husband side eyed this decision, but i don't care. i don't think i've ever seen so much happy on a kid's face. my baby gets what my baby wants.

moving on- what she wore:


dress: Puma
shirt: Target
leggings: Target
shoes: Livie & Luca



gah. i love those shoes. i find myself grabbing orange things off the rack at Target- simply so have a reason to accessorize with said shoes.

meanwhile- brynn is doing swell. in fact, super swell. i call her Herculesa because she's so freaking strong. she holds her head up, pulls herself up, sits (sorta) and today, she rolled back to belly & belly to back.

and she loves the bumbo:




and she loves chillin' in the bean bag:




and eventually she tires of my attention grabbing calls & faces...



and me- my 2 best friends took me out to dinner for my birthday. we went to The Melting Pot and basically experienced fondue overload. it was amazing.

i meant to take a picture because i actually got dressed for the occasion. not dressed up - simply, dressed- but that in itself deserves some sort of recognition. however, i forgot my camera because i was too busy worrying about leaving the girls with dad for the first time (alone)- dun dun dun

he did fine (ie: everyone was alive when i got home)
and i had fun- even though i was beyond exhausted because we were out way past my bedtime (hello 9 o'clock)

in other news- so.much. snow. it's awful. i'm so over it- i need spring to get here asap. i read other blogs where people speak of "80 degree weather"- wtf?! why can't i have that?! share the wealth southerners.

and now i'm off- because alex just informed me that she "pooped". she does this by pointing to her diaper saying "poop. mamma- POOP!!!"

it's weird how that makes me happy. how things change.
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Erin said...

Your posts always make me laugh and those sweet little baby girls always make me smile Such beautiful girls you have :)

Cassandra said...

where did you order the yo gabba gabba shoes from?

Desi said...

Ummm I agree with the above! I need to know where you got those yo gabba gabba shoes from!! Liv would freak for them :)

Rebekah said...

Love both pairs of shoes. Love, LOVE the pic of Brynn asleep in the bean bag.

I have an idea...come to the south and enjoy this weather with all of us southerners!! Only problem, Alex and Hampton may fall in love and never want to be separated!! :)

Mrs. R said...

She is Herculesa! That's impressive!

Love the shoes!!

Britt said...

I love your humor... so freakin funny! And I love those yo gabba shoes!!!

Mamasita said...

WHERE OH WHERE did you get the Yo Gabba shoes?? They are rockin!:-)
Your girls are so cute!!!

t.bird said...

Yo Gabba shoes are on the vans website ladies!!

Mamasita said...