Tuesday, February 22, 2011

things i love

i love lots. but here are a few things that i am really loving right now:

bottle mix 12oz

i love everything about OS. it's vegan, free of anything "iffy", it smells divine, it's good for the entire family- etc etc. i was originally using it for the girls- but i've started using it too & i'm hooked.
Original Sprout is the best baby wash. and toddler wash. and wash wash.


alex refuses to eat 95% of the time. i was at my wits end trying to keep something in her belly- and then we discovered these at Wal Mart. we gave her one & she sucked it down & asked for more. SOLD!

at 88 cents, they're the cheapest fruit in a pouch i've found & so far the healthiest. they've also got fruit snacks:


and alex will always say yes. so i keep our house well stocked with Buddy Fruits.


it's winter. kids get cold. noses run. Boogie Wipes are a must.

full coverage bibs. these save my sanity. alex can make a mess & all i have to do is toss the bib in the wash- underneath, her clothing is pristine. it's a win win.

i make a lot of milk. A LOT. and this baby is the best pump ever. i used it with alex & i use it with brynn. its simple & easy to use- it's compact enough to carry around & it comes with everything you could possibly need. there's a reason Medela is the leader in breastfeeding pumps & supplies.
this pump has been worth every penny.

i love Medela- but i LOVE LOVE LOVE Lansinoh bags. they're much cheaper & much better than the Medela storage bags. they hold up to 8 oz without splitting & they freeze wonderfully.

i got through box after box of these & i swear by them.


enough said.

i am not ashamed to admit that i use Nick Jr to watch my child. if i need a minute (or an hour) i simply turn it on & i feel pretty confident that alex will be sucked in. Yo Gabba Gabba, Nie Hao Kai Lan, Olivia, The Fresh BEat Band- the list goes on & on.

i LOVE you Nick Jr.


the most adorable toddler shoes. they can be a little $$$ but i think most good shoes are. they have awesome sales/deals though- so you can really score. and the shoes last & last.

gorgeous. modern toddler shoes. fresh. $$$. ha. but i love them. soft leather & beautiful colors. they scuff up pretty easily- but they're so atheistically pleasing that it doesn't matter. i love them.
we just ordered a pair of the orange London Boots & i'm checking my mailbox daily in anticipation.

i love Tea. it's cute & modern toddler clothing. the colors are deep & pretty & the lines are simple & classic. i've purchased several pieces for the girls & i can't wait till this summer when they can rock their matching outfits: brynn / alex

like i said- i have more. but i think i'll divulge those in another post- there are far too many things.
spring & summer need to hurry up & arrive. i'm itching to get these girl's into minimal amounts of clothing & outside.
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Mamasita said...

The boogie wipes are ALWAYS on hand at my house! I do daycare out of my home and they are the BEST (and they smell ok too) - Have a great Tuesday :-)

Sarah-Anne said...

TARGET FOREVER!! sorry, but Target rocks. like you said, enough said...

Anonymous said...

target has trumpette.too (the cheaper version), and on clearance for $3!

Her Momma said...

i've recently discovered Tea and had to buy five dresses for my Lovie (during their sale)!! LOVE THEM. same with boogie wipes and the bibs! Lovie's a good eater, but i'm gonna check out those buddy fruits next time i'm at walmart.

Kim said...

I've never seen those fruit pouches before. My Sarah is so picky. At 5, I wonder if she'd go for it -- different and fun, maybe? I'll have to check it out. I'll try anything to get good food into her!