Monday, February 7, 2011

what they wore

as brynn gets more "interactive" it's hard to find time to sit & update. no longer is she content to just sit & stare- she demands attention. smile. coos & weird faces.

i'd forgotten. but i'm happy to give what is needed- i just wince over the lack of love my blog gets. a balance is needed: ie- back to work. heh.

anyway. here we go:



shirt: Target
jeans: babyGap
shoes: Trumpette


onesie: H&M
pants: Carter's
mocs: Target


onesie: H&M
pants: gift (Khol's)
socks: Old Navy


sleeper: thrifted (babyGap)


outfit: gift (Target)
socks: Old Navy
bib: Chiquita Mom (Chiquita Banana)

and because i'm behind:





epic stank face.


this is how she is 24/7. sugar high sans the sugar. a tornado of energy & flying toys. and spit. she likes to spit now.




tummy time fail. sleep time win.


"baby paci? Bin? Bin paci? PACI PACI PACI!!!"

::brynn wailing::

alex can't say "brynn" so she calls her "bin". adorable.


i looked over & LOL'D.


please notice the massive. that's it- the massive.




and last but not least:


inspecting our Elmo Ouchie cold pack after acquiring her 2nd goose egg of the day. all in all- she got 3 this weekend. all on her forehead.
one time she was crawling on all fours & the next minute she was face planting. how? how does that even happen?!

ok- so yeah, in a nutshell: snow snow snow. shove. plow. sledding. poopy diapers. peeing on mommy. spitting. screaming. goose eggs. super bowl sunday. grocery shopping. laundry. pooping. more pooping. "MOM, POOP!" dog vomit. cat puke. cat hair. cats eating balloon strings. cats puking up balloon strings. me daydreaming about killing cats. me apologizing for having such thoughts. daddy pissed at the snow. making homemade mozzarella sticks. eating like 20- feeling guilty. brynn peeing on the bed- me not changing the sheets for 2 days. me grossed out but oh so tired. alex giving "mwahs" ::melt:: brynn smiling ::melt:: husband telling me he wants to book a cruise for my birthday ::melt:: me saying "No" because that's just silly ::pout:: smiles all around when we decide to put the money towards Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary next summer ::fist pump::


anyway- you get all that? daily life plus plans for Hawaii in 2012. that's right- after 5 long years we shall be returning to the place where i'm supposed to live.
we're still debating on whether or not we'll bring the girls. we'll be renting a condo/townhouse so there'll be room- and i think they'll fly free- but 12 hours is a long flight. so we'll see.

until then i'll continue to shlep it out here in new england. enduring the cold & snow.
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Erica said...

All our fam is in MA and NH and I know winters suck there! I wish i was going to Hawaii after the winter weve had in NJ so far!

OMFG look at Brynn's eyes.....gorgeous! and Alex she is so stinking cute! She would be besties with my sofia since shes a freaking hurricane too! You would think my kids was taking shots of espresso as hyper as she is !

Her Momma said...

i adore alex and bin. :) they are, simply put, gorgeously adorable.

Lindsey said...

You make some of the cutest kids ever!!

And YAY for Hawaii!!! We are hoping to go back in 2012 as well! Unless I can convince Alex that we need to go this fall...

Mrs. E said...

I think the stank face wins in the pictures! It is so cute and funny!
it reminds me when my nephew was that age. He always did that...

Jess said...

Looook at Brynn in that dipe. Too cute! Elliot is going to start wearing his cloth dipes this week... and I can't wait! :D
The girls look like they've been having a wonderful time. Brynn looks well entertained and Alex obviously knows how to entertain (and hurt) herself.
They have the CUTEST clothes. I need a girl.
Half of me says bring the girls to Hawaii (because I want to see pics!) and the other half says you and the hubs deserve some time away and to yourselves. Hmm.

Mrs. V said...

Those pictures are awesome!! And yay for hawaii!! I totally want to go there some day!!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I can't get over how alike they look! Both beyond precious, of course!

And how awesome about Hawaii!! You're going to have a great time in the pretty warm weather!

Megan said...

take me.

Ingrid said...

Brynn is so big and beautiful! And super jealous of your Hawaii trip :-).

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

*sigh* I want a baby now.

So jealous about you and Hawaii. I'm staring at 6 inches of snow right now. :/

Mommy needs her chocolate said...

I always look forward to your posts of what the girls are wearing! and yaaaaaaaaaaa HAWAII!!

Carol said...

OMG OMG Hawaii! Oh, how I miss thee...specifically Maui, the land of our honeymoon.

Dying over the football pose and stank face - great photos!

Jennifer White Ramirez said...

As someone who has just returned from the Bahamas with a 2-year-old I can emphatically recommend that you NOT take the kids with you!