Wednesday, December 22, 2010

brynn everly's birth story

When i went to bed on Wed night i noticed some cramping- but i thought nothing of it since i'd been cramping for days. i'd also noticed random contractions for days- but nothing significant or painful.

thursday morning dawned with the same cramping & an aching pelvis- but again, nothing that would make me think- "oh, labour!"

as i got ready for the day i noticed more contractions- painless but there. i made a mental note to watch them, but i was determined to make it to the Burlington Mall so i pushed on.

i got alex up & ready & my best friend (megan) arrived around 9ish. we headed out & got to the mall around 10:30ish. we unloaded & started walking around.

almost immediately i noticed the contractions- they were much more...insistent? and they slightly took my breath away. however, they weren't painful & i could still function. plus, i didn't want to worry anyone (and i still needed to hit up Anthrapologie) so i kept my mouth shut.

we finished up at the mall & headed over to the Macaroni Grill for lunch. i ate a good bit- i had a feeling i'd need to.
we started off for home & pulled in around 2-3? maybe? not sure. anyway.

megan stuck around so i had a chance to throw my hospital bag & alex's bag together while alex was occupied. i still didn't say anything- megan has excitement issues. heh.

around 5ish i noticed that my contractions were picking up- and they were slightly unpleasant. hmmmm- well, megan wasn't leaving until 6 so i waited until then to start timing.

5:15pm- i go to the bathroom & notice blood. when i wipe- there it is. my mucus plug. i inspected it because i never got to see my other one- it looks just like it's name. nasty.

6:00pm- start timing contractions. 1 minute long & 5-7 min apart. crap. oh, and OUCH! almost as soon as megan walked out the door they started to hurt. like in the movies- you know?

so i did what anyone would do- i straightened my hair. it needed to be done! alex ran around getting into everything & i simply didn't care. i was too busy trying to breath & finish up.

6:30pm- my body starts cleaning itself out. i think we all know what this means. as i sit on the toilet in pain, i can hear my child ripping ornaments off the Christmas tree & trying to feed them to the dogs.. and there's nothing i can do about it. awesome.

6:45pm- i call my OB. contractions are now 3-5 min apart & i'm focused on breathing to stay on my feet.
OB says: "go to labour & delivery now!"
i say: "well my husband isn't home- when he gets here at 7 we'll head out- is that ok?"
OB says: "...alright. but don't dally."

ok cool. OB doesn't sound too freaked, so i'm golden.
i get everything together & the husband pulls in- as he opens the front door i tell him to start putting stuff in the car because we're having a baby within the next few hours.

he goes into overdrive & starts getting things together. once i'm sure he's got a handle on things (ie: alex) i hop into the tub. a girl needs to be clean & tidy people. so i had to make sure the OB didn't mistake me for a man.

by now the contractions have me doubling over- but hell if i'm going to let that stop me. i finish up, towel off & get dressed. i can hear the husband mumbling & asking who the hell gets int he shower when they're in labour.

i tell him i can hear him & that it is what it is.

we put the dogs in their cage, shut the lights, pet the cats, close the chickens up, blow out the candles & get into the car.

as we're en-rout i realize that my contractions are about 2-3 min apart- and i'm breathing like a bull in order to stay sane.
the original plan was to drop alex off at the in-laws & then head to the hospital- but i say screw that noise. drop me off first & then take alex. i can make my way to L&D.

the hubs agrees & when we get to the hospital 20 min later i roll out of the car & huff my way in.

i stop at the Registration Desk where the nice old lady & the security guard look terrified.
picture me, huge & huffing- shuffling towards you...yeah.

me: "do i....(huff huff breathe)...need to check iiiin?!?!"
old lady: "are you in labour?!?!"
me: "...(hufffffff)...YES!"
old lady: "oh my GOD- no on! just get to L&D dearie!"
security guard: "oh man. do you need a wheelchair???"
me: "nooo...(breathe), no i'm ok!"
security guard: (looks doubtful but eager to get me out of here) "well ok. upstairs- now!"
me: "thanks." (huff, huff, shuffle)

as i made my way upstairs the contractions got worse. it was like stepping into the hospital made my body go into warp drive.
when i got to L&D the nurses were waiting. but my room wasn't- son of a...!

as they verified my identity i started crying. my God- this hurts. wtf?!
the nurse told me to breathe & hang on. so i breathed & labored in the hallway for about 10 min.

once my room was ready i dragged myself in- whimpering away. i got undressed & into a gown & into bed.
by now i'm sobbing through contractions. 1-2 min apart- 1 min long- omg hurt hurt hurt!


8:30pm- my OB comes in to check me. EFF ME! i forgot how much internals suck. WTF!?
he apologizes. but good news! i'm 4cm & 100% effaced. hooray. i'm in labour- duh.

do i want an epidural? EFF YES! NOW!

well we have to wait. of course. so the nurse gets my IV going & we wait.
the husband arrives around 9ish? i'd say 9ish. he watches me snot my way through a few contractions & then turns on the TV. it's easier for everyone this way.

then around 9:15 the most wonderful man in the world walks in. the one whom i might consider leaving my husband for- Ye Anesthesiologist. he promises to make it all better & gets to work.

within 10 minutes i've signed my life away & i'm doubled over a pillow snotting my face off.



pinch. burn. done. he whispers sweet nothings in my ear- promises of euphoria within 15 minutes. oh how i love thee.


my water breaks. and i say: "omg- my water just broke. OMG GROSS! there's SO MUCH! what a MESS! i'm SORRY!" (insert sobbing)

the nurse assures me that this is quite ok & normal. oh yeah- right. the OB comes to take a look- hello meconium. little baby bird has pooped inside me. super. we'll keep an eye on that.

and then the epi kicks in. and i get cleaned up & i sleep. sweet sleep.

11:30pm- after checking my monitors every 20 min or so the nurse declares that my contractions have all but stopped. lame. hello pitocin. i remember you. you make things move fast & cause pain.

oh- you want to give me some? ok. let's do this.

12am- oh wow. they're back & in full force. and they hurt- i can feel them through the epi. EFF ME AGAIN!

the nurse & i give my epi more juice every chance we get. but to no avail. oy.

why does this hurt so bad? why does my butt feel like it's going to explode? well let's check & see...

12:30am- oh. i'm 10cm & fully effaces & heck yeah- i can push. but not too much because the OB isn't ready. superb.

12:50am- i start pushing. good job- i'm doing well. but wait- we can't keep tabs on the baby. she keeps dropping off.
the nurse has me move all over. right side- left side- right side- upside- downside. crap.

push. push. move. move. STOP STOP STOP! CRAP- THERE SHE IS! but wait- no OB. DON'T PUSH!

I'M NOT! but i can feel her crowning. i can feel her head- my God i just want to push her out. but i hold on. i'm on my side- trying not to roll over...

the OB rushes in & as he sits down, out she comes. he almost drops her- but he gets her leg. whew.


the hubs was going to cut the cord- but it's wrapped around her neck 3x & it's tangled to boot. so she's not breathing or crying or anything. so now i freak out- everyone tells me she's fine.

the OB cuts & unwraps. they whisk her over to the warmer & start suctioning.

i'm bawling- literally. the hubs tells me it's ok. shhhhh.

and then she cries. sweet relief. i smile. i laugh. THANK GOD!









the OB comes back over to take care of business. out comes the placenta- do i want to keep it?
um- no thanks.

he checks me out. NO RIPS! NO TEARS! NADA! amen.

he shakes our hands & congrats us. the nurse finishes up & the husband brings my little girl over. gah!


i love her. she's perfect. and awake. she eats (and i'm immediately reminded why the 1st few days of breastfeeding are comparable to torture)



we spend time with her. touch. kiss. gush. cry. whisper.

they take her after a bit (shots, warm up, blood levels- etc etc) and the husband follows.
my legs feel almost normal so the nurse helps me to the bathroom.
it all comes back to me. the bleeding, pads, Dermoplast, Tucks, hemorrhoids (shudder)- but it's worth it.

after i ruin a few pairs of hospital socks- i'm clean & dry & padded & back in bed.
i inhale 1/2 a sandwich & sadly save the other 1/2 for the husband. i'm a good wife like that.

i down about 4 glasses of ginger ale & chew about 2 cups of ice.

i twiddle my thumbs & wait. and then they bring her back. and the husband. (who quickly eats the other sandwich 1/2 ::sigh::)

she's still awake! i feed her again (ouch) and she latches like a champ. in fact- she's quite voracious which is so different than alex.

the nurses leave us with promises to bother us every hour for the next 2 days. the husband goes to sleep & i spend time with my newest daughter. i can't help but examine every inch of her. i give her 1500 kisses & feed her every time she cries.



i walk her & shush her & burp her & change her & love her.
and i cry- because hormones are a bitch.
eventually, with her tucked securely to my side, i sleep.


brynn everly.

the husband went & got alex later that day. she wasn't sure what to make of things- but she had a blast sitting in the bed & later playing with the birthing ball.





and after assuring the hospital that i'd be A-Ok, we left on saturday.


i looked pretty rough.


but brynn (wearing the same outfit her big sister came home in) looked adorable.
...and sort of beat up.

the end.
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Elizabeth said...

your narration is hilarious and amazing. :) she is so pretty! congrats again!
i'm glad the OB didn't drop her!!

Unpolished Parenting said...

I agree with Elizabeth - love the narration. You have a lot of amazing pictures as well. Beautiful story; beautiful baby; and I'll try not to cry any more :)

Blair@HeirtoBlair said...

oh my, I love this.

One of my favorite birth stories ever :)

J.Mo said...

LoveLoveLove!! I can't get over how much she looks like Alex when she was born! Congrats T!

Megan said...

Uh, okay... So I know this is weird of me to notice, but it doesn't look like the doctor is wearing any gloves. He really didn't have time! Unless he is into touching new born baby slime?

Bethany said...

This is GREAT!!! Congrats again!

Laura said...

YAY! I loved reading that t.bird! Amazing! Congrats again!

CLML said...

You rock my world, T. Thank you for sharing baby birdie's birth story. I love the pictures!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

Awesome birth story! You are hilarious, and your commentary makes it that much more awesome.

Enjoy your Christmas with the hubs and those two cutie pie girls!

Anonymous said...

Effin awesome birth story! Who took all those kick ass pics....your hubbs??? if so....awesome job!

Britt said...

Your story is beautiful and hilarious I might add! Congrats... she's so gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! I love your narration. She's a keeper! :)

Amy said...

She is beautiful. I love your photos. Congrats and enjoy it!

Mitzi G. said...

Thank you so much for sharing her birth was hilariously sweet!!

Carol said...

Girl! I love how you tell a story. Her head is so perfect, it's like she practically flew out! And, I love that you got such great photos to document her birth. Print this for her baby book :) You are blessed with two beautiful girls!

Jess said...

You made me feel a little better that I haven't posted mine yet... since Brynn was born before Elliot :) I definitely need to get around to this soon, before I forget everything.
I doubt mine will be as funny though. You should be a comedian, seriously. I laughed out loud more than once {probably because I sympathize with you} while reading.
I'm 110% jealous that you had NO RIPS OR TEARS.
And I, also, hate pitocin.
Glad everything turned out well- she's beautiful!

Short Leg Lucy said...

you are an awesome story teller, I laughed quite a bit! Congratulations on one gorgeousss little girl!

Alexia said...

Great story!! Love that you took the time to straighten your hair and 'clean up' before going to the hospital. Thought I was the only one ; )

Welcome to the world Brynn!

Bekah said...

beautiful story! She is such a pretty little baby, the picture of her wrapped in the white blanket is just amazing.

M said...

Great story! I love the last pic of her, before you announced her name. It is a total "mommy, WTF" face. LOVE.

Tiffany said...

LOVE this. She's gorgeous!

Lea said...

What a great birth story, Trina! She is gorgeous! What beautiful girls in the Bird family!!! <3

jenn said...

i love birth stories!!!! shes beautiful! congrats to you all! merry christmas!!!

Our Island Outlook said...

Congratulations! She is gorgeous.

Thank you for sharing her birth story!

jenny cruger said...

Congratulations! I am just catching up on your blog as I haven't really blogged or visited any in months, but thought about you recently and came to check. :) She is beautiful!

Jaime@Georgia365.blogspot said...

Oh no, you're making me want another baby and my husband and I swore there would only be one. So beautiful and great story.

Claire said...

i loved reading your birth story! you have some amazing pictures of the experience. and burlington mall? like in burlington, ma? we must be close to one another! i found your blog through harper's happenings :)

Kim said...

Now that I'M crying, I'll tell you that I absolutely loved this. Brynn is adorable, I adore your telling of the story -- I giggled and cried and remembered SO much of my own births. When I saw Brynn's little face all wrapped up in that fleece blanket I totally lost it. I have 3, and the last 2 are 15 months apart . . . so I'm with you on this part. But I read your earlier posts first, before your birth story and you seem to totally have this under control! Oh, and I had to give my middle one Pedia sure as well. We first tried Carnation Instant Breakfast when she wouldn't drink it, just to get the extra calories in her. Eventually she warmed up to the chocolate Pediasure. I always thought it was nasty -- and it stains TERRIBLY. OH! I also am insanely jealous of your wood floors. Insanely. :) And I found you through Hormonal Imbalances. So glad I did!!