Tuesday, December 7, 2010

no work no play

apparently my niece was nice & sick last monday & her parents still decided it was a good idea to drop her off at my mother's in all her snot-nosed glory.
along with tuesday- awesome. so for 2 days my child wallowed in germs. just what i DON'T need right now.

so the past 5 days have been spent with a rather sickly child. sick enough, in fact, that i camped out on her bedroom floor on Sunday night.
comfortable? no. necessary? yes.

there's something about the sound of your kid choking on cough-vom that makes you want to be within 5 feet at all times. so that's what i did.

she's better- but not quite. the nasty cough & runny nose lingers. no fever & she's in a fairly agreeable mood- but clingy. and a bit whiny. i pray, pray, pray this is gone before #2 arrives.

oh- you want to know what the above child looks like in this state?


like "leave me alone mom. now."


and then she just ignores me.

sweatshirt: Target
t-shirt: Threadless Tees
leggings: Target
socks: Old Navy
shoes: PediPed

"alex, don't stand so close to the tv...!"


screw you mom. nice.

this was yesterday. she was a beast of sorts- and we had to run to Target. but she fell asleep in the car & i didn't want to wake her- so i decided to wait it out....for 2 1/2 hours. omg.

and then she woke up and i swear she wasn't my kid. screaming bloody murder all through the store. i was mortified. but i was on a mission- that i accomplished rather quickly thanks to the circumstances.

ah well. this too shall pass.
at least her shirt makes me smile:


in other news- we finally got her a chair of her own:


adorable. she prefers to climb on it & step off. now, the drop is only like 3 inches- but she's come pretty close to bashing her face on the floor. why do children look for death? why?!

anyway. her big girl room is all but done. i need to transfer clothing & toys & hang up a few pictures- but the walls & floors are done & 99% of the furniture is up.

it's perfect. it came out just like i wanted. and i promise, as soon as i'm done with it i'll get pictures up.

alex loves it- but i don't think she realizes that it's actually hers. or that she can't have both rooms- upstairs & down. i think we'll be moving her into it this weekend coming up. or sooner if #2 decides to make her exit.

either way- i'm not ready- but it must be done. and she'll be fine.

and now me- i'm due friday. i'm thinking i'll still be here- sans a baby. i feel "ready" but i don't think she is. i'm tired & crampy & a sore & all of the things that go along with being 39-40 weeks. and since i'm off work & home with alex 24/7- you can multiply all of that x5 or so.

in fact- elmo is over. so that means my child is now demanding my attention & i have to actually get up & do stuff. or she'll scream. a lot. and loudly.

like right now. i just told her no- so she threw her book & started screaming & stomping her feet. and then she'll slowly lower herself to the floor & actually kick her legs & throw a true to life tantrum.

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idkmybfflindz said...

did you happen to thank your niece's parents for getting your child sick? those sick alex pictures are absolutely pitiful, i can only imagine what it's like in real life<3

Bekah said...

Oh man we recently got hit with a bug too, its miserable, and Im not 40 weeks pg, so I cant even imagine, you poor thing!

Also, we recently hit temper tantrums as well. Wow...those suck. Like, a lot.

Desi said...

we have the exact same elmo dvd...in fact we have all the $5 elmo dvd's that were at walmart haha. The funny thing is that Liv likes to stand on the case too...and destroy it, like most things, oy.

Lindsey said...

Alex is still presh when sick. And vom-coughs suck big time. Kate had those a few weeks ago.

She also have vom-screams - you know when they get so worked up that they throw up all over themself. Good times...

Can't wait to see #2 - I know she will be beautiful like her momma and sister!

J.Mo said...

Can't believe you're due in 3 days! That's so crazy! Is Alex ready to be a big sis and share you and daddy bird?

Mrs. V said...

I love Alex's little tshirt! Hope she gets to feeling better really soon!

Carol said...

That shirt is a riot. That would make me smile too. I can't believe you waited in the car for 2 1/2 hours! I guess I would have used that as naptime too.

I think 12/11/10 is a good day for a baby :)

Megan said...

Did you at least drive around during this time?

M said...

You're almost there, can't wait to see baby bird # 2!

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Hope she feels better! Hope you are doing ok too :)

Mrs.F said...

I'm obsessed with all Alex's clothes. And I'm patiently waiting for the new little one to make her arrival :)

Nicole said...

she's still a cutie even though she's sick! And my daughter always tries to stand up close the TV it drives me crazy!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

Hi. I'm following your blog now. Very cute.

Bekah said...

so...just an observation, but you havent posted in a while and Im just wondering if you are, you know...holding that second little girl!!

Mitzi G. said...

she looks so pitiful........still adorable but so sad in her little eyes!!