Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas gifts

so honestly, alex doesn't "need" much. i mean, she's more interested in tissue paper & bubble wrap than actual toys & such.

but that doesn't mean i'm planning on leaving her high & dry on Christmas morning. but i've also been stumped- what to get this kid?! she's really got everything she needs & the husband buys her everything she wants (i see problems in the future)...

plus- i don't want to buy a bunch of toys/junk/crap- etc etc. we simply don't have the space for "stuff". so i've been trying to think of things that'll benefit her/us.

and then i found this adorable lunchbox that i simply HAD to buy- for OBVIOUS reasons:


right? right?!

i do pack her breakfast & lunch every single day, so why not do so in style? omg- i love it. so after a bit of searching- bam. purchased.

1 gift down.

and then: See Kai Run is having a killer deal with promo code HOLIDAYJOY.

seriously people- that code will give you 40% off your order. 40%!!!!!

i suggest you all go NOW & purchase some kicks at a ridiculously good price.
so yeah- as i said- killer deal = must buy cute shoes. correct me if i'm wrong.

so i snagged a few pair:

gah! the bird & dots ones are for alex- the heart ones are for her sister. i just couldn't resist. plus- i got all 3 pairs for $63. yeah- $63! please keep in mind that at regular price i would have been down $104.
are you good at math? cause i'm not but even i know that i scored. big time. like $41 worth of big time.
so yeah- those 2 pairs will get wrapped & placed under the tree- and i'm sure alex'll unwrap them & not give a crap. but at least i'll feel good.
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Mrs. V said...

I am in LOVE with those shoes!! I always thought I wanted a little boy but now I am all for GIRLS bc of your blog and MrsF's blog! sheesh! These things are just too cute. I also love the lunch box and think it's totally you! Great finds!

Unpolished Parenting said...

The lunchbag - awesome! And those shoes are adorable :) Going to check out the website now!

Lindsey said...

Love, love, love the lunch box. And now I'm off to buy Kate some shoes!

Alexia said...

I bought the burgundy dot ones this morning too!! 40% off for the coolest baby shoes ever?! We got two more pairs too ; )

P.S. Lovin the log cabin lunch tote!

Laura said...

Loving the See Kai Run deal! Thanks for posting!