Monday, May 17, 2010

weekend in review

so last week i got to meet a bumpie. most of you know of

i've met a ton of great ladies on there & the boards provide endless entertainment- well, i met another bumpie last week & i got a few pics of us, her daughter- etc etc.

i had every intention on showing them to you today- but i somehow managed to delete said pics off my flickr- so, i'll put them back on tonight & show you on Wed (not tomorrow since it's giveaway day!)

so until then- i'l leave you with pics of this past weekend.

on thursday night we piled into the car & set off on a 6 hour trip to NY for one of my best friend's graduations from nursing school.
the trip went smoothly (ie: alex slept the entire time) and the weekend was a blast.
so here you go:

first off- her cat Murray. he is probably the most awesome cat in the whole world (sorry gary!) seriously. he's had a rough life on the streets- so he's missing a few teeth- but it only adds to his charm:

i think he chilled like this for 20 min. no lie.
manda had to cut his nails- he was none too pleased.

moving on- the graduation. manda did the 1 year accellerated R.N. program- talk about hard work. major kudos because i know i wouldn't be able to do that and keep my sanity:

manda & scott (boyfriend)

next- alex at play:

she spent a great deal of time licking this table.
then manda's future MIL brought over a slide:

after her initial trepedation- she was in love. she pitched a small fit when slide time was over.

after the graduation it was time to eat. manda's boyfriend's parents smoked some ribs (omg) and made homemade baked beans (OMG) and manda & scott provided a shit ton of food. i ate and ate and ate. horrible. but so good.
and the best part? :

SMORES!!! one of my absolute most favorite things ever! i've been craving them for 2 summers now- so finally!
and last but not least- The Lilac Festival! due to the random ass cold weather that NY has been having (hello, they had snow last week!) most of the lilacs were looking pretty sad....sigh. however, there were a few good bunches & a lot of the other flowers looked awesome- so we had a great time:
white lilacs
flowers from the coolest tree ever:
and see again:
manda's sister & her boyfriend
some dying lilacs- but a nifty butterfly
the "Love Tree"
no idea what these are
the next 2 pics are my fav from that day- i just LOVE how they turned out:
pretty- no?
manda & alex (manda carried her around for basically the entire 3 hours. bless her)
and lastly- not flowers, but still pretty:
the necklace that i had made for amanda. it came out so freaking perfect. kudos to the ladies over at ripegoods for working with me!

and that's that. the rest of the pics are on my Flickr
feel free to take a gander
a perfect weekend!

and as always:
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Carol said...

Looks like a great time. I love the flower pics! Did you shoot those with a macro?

Tiffany said...

Looks like a great time! You look amazing, btw!

liz said...

you always have the best music and the best photos! And, seriously, do you enter alex into adorable baby contests? you should!

p.s. i just bought boston off itunes.

Mrs.F said...

Love the pics! And I love seeing Alex with a bow!!

::slinks off to make some smores"

Baby For Ballerina said...

Adore your flower pics. I love that necklace you got for her. I got Ripegoods' Mama Necklace for Mother's Day-LOVE!

Ro said...

She is too cute, T!

Care said...

You are such a sweet friend! You look so pretty too. Love the necklace. Awesome tree. I think we have the same one, except the flowers are purple. I'm so dumb about that stuff. lol. Congrats to your friend!!

PhinneyGirl said...

Great pictures! The colors look great. The ones of you guys helping Alex on the slide are very cute :-)

designHER Momma said...

Ripe goods. Looooooove me some Ripegoods.

Jess said...

Great pictures- looks like you had a fantastic weekend.
PS- I'm loving all the Red Sox paraphernalia (hat, shirt...) My whole family is from Massachusetts and we are ALL DIE HARD RED SOX fans. :)

Tamara said...

I'm your newest follower (via the Bump)!

Your little girl Alex is just darling, such a cutie! And your home, how charming, a log cabin, that is neat!

And, now I want a smore more then ever, lol.

Blushingbride said...

Looks like you had a fantastic weekend!
Alex is adorable, as always, and you are one good lookin' momma!