Sunday, May 9, 2010

Anima soap Review

i'm not sure i've ever met anyone who didn't like the smell of grapefruit. it's fresh, clean- and you want to eat it (with sugar). so i was pretty pleased when i opened the box from Anima Soaps & the smell of grapefruit assaulted my nose. it was a good assault. which is like an oxy-moron. anyway.

i had no issues using the soap on myself- my skin is pretty much down with anything- but alex is like sensitive skin queen of the universe. but i was assured that Anima Soap would be A-Ok. so i sat her in the bath & lathered her up with their unscented baby bar.

after a nice little splash session, i rinsed her off, lotioned her up & put her to bed. my fingers were crossed that come 4am, i would not be awakened by a screaming child covered in a rash.
and i am happy to inform you that i was not! she looked like a normal baby. whew.

so- i've decided that i like Anima Soap.
1. it's all natural which is always a plus.
2. it smells like grapefruit, again, always a plus
3. my kid could handle it & it's way cheaper than the stuff we've been buying her.

so i'd suggest you take a gander at Anima Soaps & buy yourself a few bars. it's awesome.
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