Wednesday, May 19, 2010


ok here are the pics i promised:

first off: mother's day pics:

the card alex "picked out and "signed" for me! (she sort of signed it- the hubs helped her along)

max & cessna on our way to the rents:

alex at my paren'ts- chewing on her favorite "toy":

and those were the only shots i got on mother's day. next year i'll do better.
and thebump g2g pics:
Kelly & her daughter, Lila.

she looks innocent- but she destroyed 95% of the sugar packets on the table!
yes...i'm very short.

and there you go. meeting bump girls is fun- i've done it a bunch of times now & i've never had a bad time. it's amazing the friendships you can make over the internet these days- crazy.
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Hiker - Kelly B said...

Love that the girls are looking at each other in the first pic of all of us. I loved meeting you and sweet Alex, thanks for taking the time. I'd love to do it again.

Oh, and your pooches are toooooo cute!

Amy said...

Your pups are sooooo adroable!! I just want to hug them!
So funny to see people from the bump!

Anne said...

That card is precious. I love it.

Carol said...

Great pics and I LOL over the sugar packets thing. My kid always does that too!

Mari said...

LOVE the mother's day card and LOVE the pics of you, Kelly and the girls! You are all beautiful!!!

Diana said...

I heart that Mother's Day card. How special. And I so want to meet a fellow blogger one day. Most of my e-buddies live so far away.

You are adorable.

Alexis said...

I am a weiner mama too! and it looks like you have a red sox shirt on in that pic, love it! :)

Tiffany said...

I LOVE that card! So perfect!

D said...

Chloe loooves remote controls, too. Somehow she's managed to figure out exactly which button to push to turn the volume up SUPER loud. How are they so smart?!?

韋于倫成 said...


Mrs.F said...

I have so many good friends now that I met through the knot when I was engaged! Now I need to find some "bumpies" in my area too :)