Sunday, May 9, 2010

Horizon Chocolate Milk Review

i like chocolate milk. i recall being a child and pouring way to much chocolate syrup in my milk filled glass which resulted in a serious sugar rush & a really upset mother.

"do you not know the meaning of the words, "in moderation"????"
no mom- i'm, like, 8. gosh. anyways.

now days you can actually buy pre-made chocolate milk (gasp) so now mixing or excess sugar worries. and you can also buy it organic- which is where Horizon comes in:

the pros:
- it's milk
- it's chocolate milk
- it's organic
- it's 1% which = my jeans still fitting after 3 glasses
-'s chocolate milk
the cons:
- only getting said 3 glasses because your husband drank the rest cause it's that good
hmmm- looks like way more pros than cons (and that con isn't even Horizon's fault...really)
so- if you're looking for a glass of chocolate milk that you can feel good about drinking or letting your kids drink- then hit up your grocery store & pick up some Horizon Chocolate Milk.
it's good stuff!
(horizon sent me a few free coupons in order to try this product. no money changed hands so i'm not saying horizon's milk is good because i'm rolling in dough :) i'm saying it's good because i tried it & it is)
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