Monday, May 10, 2010

happy mother's day

so i remember to grab my camera before leaving the house yesterday.
it was my first mother's day & i was going to capture every minute of it!

...well i didn't. in fact, i didn't get a single picture. not of alex. me & alex. me, alex & the hubs. my mother, his mother, alex, flowers, family, breakfast, cards- nada.

and this fact wasn't even realized until i dropped (exhausted) onto the couch after putting my child to bed. as i was sitting there basking in the glow of a day full of "it's about YOU mom!" i suddenly remembered that not a single picture had been snapped.

at first i wanted to get weepy & blamefull (is that a word?). why didn't the hubs remind me? why didn't HE take any pictures? why didn't our mother's take pictures? why why why?

but i was too tired. honestly- that's the only reason i didn't say anything (or wake up my poor sleeping child and demand the hubs TAKE A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY PICTURE OF US RIGHT NOW!!!!)

and i'm so thankful that was the case. because that would have ruined it. instead i went to bed and woke up this morning & realized that mother's day still happened! even without pictures to document this momentous occasion- it still happened. and even without pictures, i'll still remember it 30 years from now.

so while i fully intend on going home and snapping pictures of Alex's card to me, the lilac plants the hubs selected with me in mind, the gifts my own mother got me & maybe even alex & myself (thank you camera remote)- it's ok that i'm doing it today instead of yesterday. it's ok!

(but you bet your ass that i'm getting pictures next year! mark my words!)

happy (belated) mother's day!

- and kudos to those that managed to get pictures yesterday. i bow to your genius.
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Amy said...

Happy Late Mothers Day!
Every day is a good day for a picture. It seems like the days I want pictures are the days I hate all the pictures I take!

liz said...

Happy Late Mother's Day to you! Next year you'll get a ton of pics and with 2 little ones! How fun!

Gini said...

Happy Late Mother's Day to you too! I took one after a long day, plane ride home from my parents and no naps. I think I would rather not remember the energy it took to get a good one. In your heart is all that matters.

Carol said...

I didn't get any pictures either! That always happens to me on "special" days. Happy Late Mother's Day!

Care said...

how funny! all i wanted was a group photo and a family walk. didnt get either b/c hubby was barfing from 8am till midnight, then we caught what he has at about 5 pm.. uhh long night. but, isnt it funny how things work out like that? fwiw, i had a great saturday, so that makes up for it.

I am glad you had such an awesome day ENJOYING the moment. Sometimes us photog freaks forget to put the camera down and just take it all in! I know I do!! Happy belated mothers day!

Tiffany said...

After seven years of mommy-hood, poor Bubbette NEVER gets her photos taken. We don't even use the I forgot our camera comment, we just flat out, LOL. Sounds like you had a great day thoug - Happy Mother's day!

Mitzi G.!! said...

too funny!

Glennie9654 said...

Well done!........................................

joetroyer said...

happy belated Mother day.
I am glad you had such an wonderful day the moment

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