Wednesday, August 5, 2009

updates & such

ok- it's been forever (actually it really hasn't) so let me update:

1. i'm back from FL (work conf.)- who the frig would want to live in that hot, humid, muggy & buggy state?! who?! crazies, that's who! (to any of my FL ladies- yes, you are crazy! :)
2. 34 weeks 1 day- woot!
3. stretch marks- i'm pretty sure the evil fairy has visited me- i think i see something on my fact, i KNOW i do. they're light, hardly visable & they don't itch (yet) but they're there- le'sigh

aaand- there. honestly, not much else to report. but i can tell stories, oh yes.

i got home yesterday to a frrreaking mess. cessna had ripped up one of my FAVORITE pairs of shoes (literally, they're gone- little pieces everywhere) & her & max had pissed & shit EVERYWHERE! crap was crusted to the floor & the amount of pee on the floor is probably comparable to the great lakes- for realz.
i didn't even know where to i started screaming. literally just SCREAMING! at the top of my lungs, screaming & crying & snotting & flailing & kicking the walls. i'm so glad no one saw me- they would have had me institutionalized.
the dogs just sat there looking at me like "wtf is wrong with her?" and then proceded to simply lay down & start chewing on their own asses.
it took me 45 minutes to clean up & i was sobbing & screaming the entire time. i was also ranting about how unfair everything in the world was- it was horrid. lol.
after i finished i let the dogs outside (i made them sit there and watch me clean up- all the while telling them how naughty they were- thinking they might feel bad or something- no, not at all. they promptly fell asleep dreaming of bones & poop no doubt. losers) and they ran around while i composed myself.

then my friend (who is throwing my shower) called and we were discussing the fact that people were supposed to RSVP by Aug 1st- well, the only people who had RSVP'd were people who CAN'T GO! and that's like- everyone.
i'm so bummed. i mean, i'm a NICE PERSON! i DO STUFF for people! i GO PLACES & get people cool gifts & watch their kids & cook them meals & bake them shit- EVERYTHING! I'M AWESOME!!! but noooo, noone can seem to find ANY TIME at 3 0'clock on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN AUGUST to come and celebrate my baby. NO ONE!? WTF!?
it's not about presents like people think- it's about celebrating a new life- "my" new life that i worked SO hard for! argh! whatever.
so then i sat there and sobbed (on the floor- face down, oh yeah) for another 30 min and lamented about the fact that no one loves me & i have no friends & it's just gonna be my mom & MIL at my shower & blah blah blah. jeeze.

finally i dragged my ass up, washed my face & went out side to take some maternity shots- then i felt better..sort of. they actually came out very nice so i'll have to post them. but yeah.

when the husband got home i told him the whole sorrid story & he wisely just patted my shoulder and told the dogs not to be naughty anymore (they totally side eyed him & went back to their toys) and made himself a sandwich. good husband.

and that's that. i ate a sandwich- watched shark week & went to bed....only to be woken up at 1:30 to a mouth full of bile (gross)- so then i was trying to settle my stomach & noticed that the husband had cut up food for napoleon (our sugar glider) but hadn't actually given it to him. so i had to feed the poor guy at 1:30 in the morning. at least he was gratefull. i finally made it back to bed & started this new, lovely day at 4:45am. awesome.

so yeah- wtf right?
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My open roads said...

sorry, I know you were mad and sad and all and I feel sorry for all that was happening to you, but... I loved your post ;) you are so funny! I really hope it works out with the shower, come on people, go give a girl some love!!!

Leigh said...

i know exactly how you feel - screaming and crying and what not :)

hey, i thought i was the only one who had almost no one at her shower! i felt the same like you - this is the pregnancy i've been hoping and praying for people!!!

Serendipite said...

WTF! I hope your week gets better :(