Monday, July 27, 2009

darling things

i made some great scores at TJ Maxx this past weekend:

my new butter dish that matches my salt & pepper shakers- yay!

alexis' coming home outfit (most likely)- it's seriously the cutest thing

some more of those organic onsies that are insanely well priced! and some cute Puma sockies.

and then- in the mail today i received my very own birdie barrett holder:

this cuteness was made by miss mandy and i just LOVE it! it matches the nursery SO perfectly it's scary! thank you mandy!!!
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Mandy said...

woohoo! glad it matches. :]
when i get better at it i will send you a new one that isn't so...shabby. hugs!

FaithJoy said...

34 weeks!!?!! whohooooooo :)