Monday, August 24, 2009

baby stuff

sooo- we finally have almost everything we need purchased/set up- woot!
here's everything that we've aquired & put together this past week/end:

breathable bumper (wicked deal at TJ MAXX for $16.99!)

Graco SnugRide 32 in LemonGrass w/an extra base (in the car & ready to go!)
Angel Care Bebe monitor (all set up & tested out!)

BrentWood Baby Collection Swing (1st one had to be returned thanks to a squeaky motor- 2nd one is a go)

itzbeen baby timer (so i don't have to remember stuff on my own :)

14 of these bad boys, complete with extra insert & rice paper liners (all washed, dried, stuffed & ready to go!)
we also got:
more clothing
glass bottles
bath stuff
closet organizers
etc etc etc!
i think we're down to needing a few more diapers, more clothing, some more storage stuff, putting up the wall decal, hanging the rest of the artwork, finishing the closet, more bottles, breast pump, britax carseat (eventually), a few more blankets, burp cloths- blah blah. little things really (for the msot part)
i did finally pack my hospital bag- yay! full of clothing & food. awesome.
sooooo yeah- i think we're just about done, but i still feel like i have so much more to do. does this ever end?!
37 weeks- full term & 3 weeks to go!
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E_Sharp said...
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E_Sharp said...

You'll love the BG3.0s they are awesome! I think you will need more than you have though. I have 21 (I think) and I can barely make it doing laundry every other day.
I am jealous of your itzbeen! If only I had known about those! I'll be investing in one with the next baby for sure!

Rebekah said...

Looks like all that's missing from that list is a baby. Not much longer now!! :)

True Companions Plus One? said...

Next up? Baby! Congrats on making it to full term, mama!

shawnandlarissa said...

We got the exact same carseat :)