Tuesday, August 18, 2009

shower power

so my shower was this past sunday & i guess i should upload some pictures & such.

all in all it was a nice shower- my friends did a wonderful job putting it together & i very muchly loved & appreciated all of their hardwork.

however it was also kind of...awkward. it was a very small group of people & that kind of bummed me out because alot of invites were sent to people that i consider "friends"- these are also people that i have known my whole life, gone to their showers/parties, done things for- etc etc. so i would think they might try to show up....nope. alot of them didn't even bother to RSVP either yes or no. meh.

i mean, each person that DID come i was very happy to see & very thankful for their time & generosity, but when lifelong friends don't show up to your baby shower- it puts a damper on things. plus, my mother was in alot of pain because of an infected tooth and i could tell she was trying to enjoy herself, but honestly- everyone knows that tooth pain is unbearable. seriously- so i felt bad.

anyway- while i didn't receive everything off my registry (much to the husband's dismay :) i did get my stroller (it's coming in the mail!), my spacesaver highchair & my Bjorn carrier!! i got some clothing & books- but honestly, i didn't get any of the stuff that you "usually" get at showers:
no blankets, onesies, diapers, wipes, bibs, pacifiers, bottles- etc etc.

it's almost comical because i didn't buy ANY of that stuff in advance because i was told not to- so now i def need to! my poor child doesn't have 1 single blanket! ha!

i did get my bumbo from a co-worker & also some addtl clothing. i also got my whale tub & a bunch of bathing stuff i needed from another co-worker & her daughter- woot! mucho pleased.

all in all though- we have quite a bit left! i ran out & bought a BUNCH of stuff yesterday:

Graco car seat (still need to get the Britax- eek!)
Graco extra base
Itzbeen baby timer
breastmilk freezing supplies
bathing supplies
ordered the glider
aaand- i think that was it for the day. i spent $300 at BRU & the husband spent $160 on the glider (thank you walmart!) goodbye money!

we still have to get:
Angel Care monitor
a baby bag
baby "crack" machine
burping cloths
breast pump
more bottles
a diaper pail
the swing (NEED!)
and all the little extra things- yiiiikes.

i mean, it's not a TON- but it's pretty significant. thankfully we have the furniture & such- i've also decided that we don't need a pack-n-play & a few other things that were on the list- it's amazing what you decide isn't "needed" once you have to buy it ;)

PLUS- all 4 animals have vet appts tonight and they all seem to be in line for the whole 9 yards:
stool samples
meds- etc etc. i'm wincing just thinking about how much it's going to cost us. we ADORE our pets & we'll do everything in our power to keep them happy & healthy but its painful to shell out $400+ in one night just to be told that they're perfectly fine & can continue to chew on their own asses for fun. argh.

sooo yes! it was a lovely shower & i will post pictures (tonight or tomorrow) hopefully and all that jazz.
the nursery is also almost done- sort of. ha! we still need to:
put up tree/bird decals (ordered these)
put up paintings
"do" the closet

4 weeks left- where did the time go?!
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Leigh said...

I'm sure I hold the record for the smallest baby shower ever - 7 people, and that includes me and hubby (I made him stay to add to the numbers :))

My open roads said...

Wow, good gifts, but you're totally right, kind of surprising no one added blankets or onsies or little things like that, very important stuff for a new mom should I add! Too bad so many of your friends didn't show up, live and learn, eh? It is sad to see that kind of behavior from people, I know how you feel, since the baby we've seen another story of some of our friends with no kids... Oh yeah, do get the swing, it's such an amazing thing with a newborn, my son so very much loves it and I hear the same from lots of moms. A good little bouncy-chair is handy too. Good luck with all the shopping! :)

Rebekah said...

I'm sorry that more weren't able to come out and celebrate with you. Glad you were able to enjoy yourself, though, and get some good gifts!

4 weeks?? Ahh...so soon!!