Monday, August 10, 2009


i just realized that i have ALOT left to do in the next 5 or so weeks:

1. fill out FMLA crap- and make sure my Dr does it too
2. finish nursery- yeah, hello procrastination. wall decal? no wall decal. blah blah.
3. pack hopsital bag- this means purchasing things i need for the hospital bag, erm.
4. buy diapers, wipes, clothing & etc- my shower is on Sun so i guess after that...
5. start making/freezing meals- or hire a personal chef
6. buy an extra freezer- jeeze, just thought about that. damnit!
7. install carseat- again, after the shower...
8. clean the house- HA! yeah right.
9. buy my mom a b-day gift- random.
10. ZOMG!

so yeah. super.
i have another OB appt next week & thene very week after that- jeeze! next week is also the GBS swab- gee golly! however, my dr informed me that they simply do a vaginal swab- no bunghole invasion!!

so let's see:

Aug 13th- mom's b-day
Aug 15th- service Jeep
Aug 16th- shower
Aug 18th- vet appt (for ALL the animals- omg)
Aug 20th- OB Appt- GBS
Aug 21-24th- Manda is coming to visit- hooray!

aaand- i think that's it for now. i know there's more- mainly in Sep- but still. i feel like it's ALOT. on top of that i still have to work everyday & carry on with my normal life. ::cries::

anywho. first things first- i need a freaking wall decal for the nursery. tree? birds? dandilion? aaargh!
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