Monday, February 23, 2009

the weekend in review

what do you do when you buy a dozen eggs when you already have a dozen eggs at home?
you make deviled eggs- lots of them.

i was all about them last night- but now, not so much. i sent some to work with the husband & brought some to work with me- now every time i go to the fridge i'm pissed because they're in there stinking up the place. (lolz at the co-worker that just stopped by to tell me how awesome they are- der)

in other news- the husband & i engaged in a massive fight on Sat. it was quite impressive actually- there was yelling, cursing, stomping, slamming, throwing, crying & outrageous accusations from both sides. i was actually shocked that we didn't win an Oscar on Sun. anywho- we sorted it out & came to an agreement that we wouldn't do that again & ended it. thankfully we did because during the fight the husband threatened to no longer clean off my car- EEK! however the sleet & snow did fall last night & he did clean my car off this morning. much joy!

let's see- we finally got our taxes done yesterday & we're getting a lovely $3,600 return. thumbs up. i also frosted/decorated the monthly b-day cake for the husband's office. chocolate on chocolate- gag. too much.

hmmm- the only other interesting thing that i have is that we got Chinese food last night. i almost had heart failure because it was so good. and there's more left for tonight- double score.
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