Monday, February 23, 2009

my bird rug!!!! and other things...

i'm sooo excited!!! it's the perfect size for a nursery & I LOVE IT!

there was the smallest little spot on one of the birds- but i got it out with some Kids & Pet- woot.
soooo- along with my rug, here are the few things that i've aquired on this long pregnancy road:

the most adorable bibs!
the most adorable little Piddies!!!
aaand the most adorable little Doxie slipper ::squee:: !!! (i actually have a matching makeup bag- weird!!!)
i always said i wouldn't buy anything before i got KU- but the above 3 items were MUST HAVES! plus, i was expecting IVF#1,2 & 3 to work- so yeah :)
anywho- that's it. i really can't get over this rug!! i really wanted the other one too , and i'll keep my eyes open, but i love this one too! i might sleep on it tonight....maybe. eeeeek!
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Mari said...

Well, they have your rug on ebay...
But it's got a hole in it! :o(

Rebekah said...

Please tell me where the slippers are from. I NEED them!! Love all of it!