Monday, February 9, 2009


my 2 best friends slept over this weekend because the husband was away.
we went to Panera & as i was enjoying my soup they both commented on the fact that my boobs look bigger. i agreed with them because this is very true. they are ridiculous. i said i didn't know why & left it at that.

later that night they started asking my about my last cycle (they knew about it but i didn't really think they "knew") so i started some bs talk about blah blah blah. but they didn't understand how i wouldn't "know" if i was knocked up or not yet. i played it off that it take a couple months ::eyeroll:: and they actually bought it. hooray!

so i put my pj's on & when i came back in, one of them looked at my awesome bloat & asked "seriously, are you pregnant?!" i couldn't lie anymore because i'd rather tell then have them think i'm getting fat (God, i'm so bad) so i told them. they were stoked & then put everything together- me being sick last week & leaving early on a girls night out"- me offering to be DD- wtf is up with that?!- my boobs- my exhaustion- etc etc.

actually- i was really annoyed that they wouldn't drop it & i kind of felt forced to tell them- i didn't want to. i told them that & i think they caught on that i was pissy. blah. i also ended up screaming at them later because cessna started peeing on the couch (she piddles when she gets excited) and neither of them would move so i could clean it up. so my "sensitive" friend got hurt & wouldn't speak to me for like an hour- but then it was fine. i apologized but damn- argh.

anyway- that's that. the husband gets home this afternoon so i'll see him when i get out of work. he also told his best friend this weekend & told off one of his other friends because he's annoying & blah blah. gosh- we're both so ANNOYED with people. i feel bad.

i have to go work. i brough a bunch of food in today so people are stopping by my desk like every 30 seconds to be my "friend" for the day. awesome.
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Leigh said...

LOL I love your sense of humour.

When are you planning to tell people?

I just wrote about this in/ out the IVF closet a few days ago on my blog - I'd love you to weigh in :)

LDRN said...

Sorry you felt forced to dish...I hate that they couldn't just speculate & quit buggin' you!!
I hope you are feeling okay!

Sasha & Mark said...

Sorry you got outed! I am HORRIBLE with keeping secrets, so you did far better than I would have. Telling people is so weird, even when it is your choice! I think we all feel more paranoid than excited.

Rebekah said...

Why are people so damn nosy??? Sorry you were outed :(

My dog "piddles" when she gets excited too. Now THAT is annoying!