Tuesday, November 11, 2008

this sucks

as of 01/01/09 i will no longer have coverage for IF.
thanks to my company's merger, they've decided to go with shit insurance out of NC (a state that doesn't mandate If coverage) so that's that.

technically- my insurance will cover IF dx & treatment- but only up to $2,500 max per lifetime. um, excuse me? what the fuck is $2,500 going to cover? absolutely nothing- that's what. also there is NO coverage for IF drugs, what-so-ever. good Lord. i knew this was coming but i didn't really prepare myself for it. this sucks so bad.

sooo, now i'm trying to cram everything into this next two months. CD1 is today (sort of, it's not exactely "heavy flow" but i know it will be by tomorrow) so i called & scheduled my hysto. & endo. biop. for next wed (11/19) @ 3pm.
i also let the nurse know that my insurance is changing so i need to try & move things along- however the methotrexate shot is really biting me in the ass. technically i'm not allowed to "get pregnant" until 01/03 (3 months) but my RE said that if my insurance changed, they would "work with me"- ie: do the transfer & such before the 1st- ugh. i hate this! why should i have to rush at all?! i shouldn't! this isn't fair!

whatever- they haven't said that they're closed for the holidays so if they are, and have neglected to mention that, then i'm going to flip the fuck out. this HAS to work- and i want freaking quads so i can be done all my baby making in 1 shot. seriously.

so yeah- that's about it. i had a pretty good weekend & i was feeling pretty "ok" until today. now i'm just bummed. i was very blessed to have coverage & now that i won't anymore, i almost feel like God is saying no. why else would this happen? maybe He's punishing me for being so bitter & bitchy- i don't know! but i hate to think like that- i'm literally begging Him to make this work. i know it doesn't work that way, but i don't know what else to do. i'm already trying to figure out if there is a PT job i can get where the company provides IF coverage- doesn't Starbucks have that?! wow- i'm so desperate. this is sad. no one should have to feel this desperate.

ok that's it- i'll write about my weekend (my mother got ordained- squee!!!) & post pics later. for now i'm going to wallow in self pity.
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Danse said...

T, I'm so sorry. That sucks ass. I don't understand though, does your state have an IF mandate? If so, can you somehow get around the new ins?

I'm so sorry. That's just not fair (or right).

april said...

Please take this in the spirit in which it was intended......CHILL OUT. I fully understand being pissed. Totally get it. Be righteously pissed off today and then calm down tomorrow. Being all wound up is not going to help the next two months. My insurance has a limit too. It freaking blows. Us getting all worked up is not going to help our success rate in the shitty little parameters we've been given.

shawna said...

Maybe God is saying that it's your turn...right now. Good Luck!!

Marijana said...

I'm sorry hun, that is a really shitty sitution to be in. I agree with Danse, does your state have an IF mandate? I wouldn't think that it would matter that your insurance company is out of NC since you are not a resident of that state. In any case, I'm sure you'll figure it all out. You will be in my thoughs :) ((HUGS))

t.bird said...

april: yeah i know. i think i have the right to freak out today & then buckle down tomorrow. i've been doing this long enough to understand that "freak outs" don't help. but i think i'm entitled today. i totally know what you mean- i've told about 100 other girls to "chill out" so i guess it's my turn to hear it now :)

also to danse & CLML: NH doesn't mandate coverage for insurance so that won't work. boooo!

shawna: after i finished my "woe is me" time i thought about that- hopefully..?! :)

Just Me said...

Oh crap!!! I can't believe that everything is changing!!

I just hope that this is "the last push" for you and your healthy pregnancy (with twins if you wish) is right around the corner!!

GL GL GL !!!

shawnandlarissa said...

Big hugs. That is a lot to take in but at least you don't have to wait so long for your next cycle...

Rebekah said...

I'm so sorry. I know all too well how much it sucks to have no coverage. I'm praying that everything works out and you can get things done before Jan.

Sasha & Mark said...

Oh NOOO!! That does suck! I know you're trying to move everything up, but can you do COBRA for a little bit? DH's company offered COBRA for their old plan when it was acquired with a new plan. Definitely ask your HR!

Andrea said...

That really does suck. I'm so sorry. I so hope this next cycle is the quad cycle! ;) ((HUGS))

Blair said...

That blows chunks.
Praise God for Him being bigger than crappy NC insurance.

t.bird said...

thank you ladies! i will check with my HR again to see if there is any COBRA- i was told no, but we'll see i guess.

and yes Blair, God is bigger. i have to keep reminding myself of that. he's probably giving my a mental smackdown everytime i start boo hooing. lol.