Monday, November 17, 2008

busy busy rush rush

ok- so i'm in total "rush rush, hurry hurry" mode for the next month & a half. I let my RE know that my insurance would be ending in Jan- so he agreed that we can go ahead with a fresh cycle, but only if i see a genetic counselor to discuss the risks of a pregnancy @ 2 1/2 months instead of 3 months after a Methotrexate shot. so this is kind of what everything looks like:

11/13- start BCP for fresh IVF#2
11/19- hysteroscopy & endometrial biopsy
11/28- appt. with a Genetics Counselor (in boston- ugh)
(tentative- give or take a few days)
12/10-11ish- start stims
12/23ish- ER
12/26-29ish- ET
01/10-15ish- Beta

good Lord. basically- after the Genetics Counselor appt. we're good to go- but we have to get the ok from her. based on research i've done- 2 months is a sufficient amount of time to wait after a Metho. shot- and we'll be only 2 weeks shy of the 3 month mark- so i don't think there are any big risks here. Honestly- this is our last shot for awhile because paying OOP for IVF is really not feasible. i'm praying with everything in me that this works- seriously.
i'm not looking forward to my procedure on the 19th (i hate pain) but oh well. yikes.

so yeah- that's that. i just needed to get this all down so that i can see it "on paper"
i'm not big on all the rushing- and specially around the holidays, but it has to be done. we will do whatever we have to do to help this work.
also- i need to ask my RE about acupuncture- i'm not keen on dishing out the $$$ but if it's only a couple times, what can it hurt? yeeeesh!!!!
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Danse said...

Ugh, you've got a busy few months ahead. You'll be in my thoughts. I hope this is it for you.

Also, good luck with acu. I'm going to give myself 1 month without it but then I'll try it if it's a BFN. Our ins. doesn't cover it either :o(

Marijana said...

Good luck hun! You'll be in my thoughts :)

Andrea said...

Good luck!!! I so hope this is THE cycle for you guys!!