Sunday, November 2, 2008

halloween weekend

first things first: i finally met my newest neice! she's 4 months old and so ADORABLE!! she looks just like my brother- not at all like me though. oh well. she has the cutest dimples & her laugh is so cute- and she never cries! she's basically perfect!
look at her face- she was facinated with the dogs- haha!

awww- my younger brother tre' & jael. i just want to squeeze her cheeks!!! ahhh!
all in all it was wonderful to meet her, but still hard because i can't have one of my own. blargh- it sucks that this all has to be so bittersweet. oh well i guess- one day.
in other news- i have a lovely UTI. i just knew i felt one coming on, on friday- i figured i could ward it off by chugging cranberry juice- but to no avail. i made an appt & went in on sat. afternoon. the dr. was shocked that my symptoms weren't worse because, according to him, "the test results aren't subtle at all" in other words: "you have a raging uti!!!" how lovely. so he wrote me a prescription & off i went.
hopefully this thing clears up pretty quickly- i've only ever had one UTI before & it sucked- i had no idea what it was at the time, i just knew i wanted it gone. blargh.
anywho: that's about it. i woke up this morning, not realizing that the clocks needed to set back- aaaargh! but i feel like i gained an hour....sort of. except now i'm super tired and it's technically only 6:30. God, i'm so old. anyway- i managed to do a buttload of cooking today & get it out of the way. my biggest accomplishment was finding a reasonably priced dutch oven (thank you HomeGoods) & getting my sauce ready for lasagna tomorrow. i don't know if there is anything better than knowing you have homemade sauce bubbling away on the stove. eeek!

aaaaand yeah- i guess i'll go suffer through a couple more hours of football with brandon & his brother & then kick back for a new Family Guy- omg yay!

i leave you with this picture of cessna- this is her "sock hat" (basically, my husband's sock with a huge hole in the heel) which i love & she hates. lol. she looks like a bug! haaaa!
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Rebekah said...

Your neice is adorable. It stinks that it is so bittersweet, but you are not alone!

Sorry about the UTI. Never had one...and I hope to keep it that way!

You're do is so freaking cute!! I love the sock hat! Haha

Emilia said...

Your niece is adorable!!