Saturday, November 22, 2008

twilight movie "recap"

ok- so i went & saw twilight last night- yay! it wasn't nearly as good as i had hoped but i still loved it because, well- it's twilight. der. so yeah.
i won't recap because i don't want to spoil it for anyone- but you should see it. it's a good way to spend 90 minutes or so.

hmmm- in other news, my hysteroscopy & endo. biopsy went smoothly, but VERY painfully. i mean, i have never been in so much pain- it was sickening. however it was all over in a matter of seconds so that was a relief. the hysteroscopy showed a nice. clean uterus & the biopsy results will be back in 2 weeks. we have our appt with the Genetics Counselor next week & then it should be on to stimming- wow. i honestly never thought i'd have to do a fresh cycle ever again- this sucks. i really pray this is it because it's pretty much our last chance.

well, it's saturday & the husband is off hunting so i'm going to go to Coach & use the 25% off coupon that i got from a lovely nestie (thanks mnkari!!!)
have a wonderful, freeeeezing day!
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Sasha & Mark said...

Glad to hear your results are in the clear. I hope your EB comes back good as well. Looks like you had a successful hunting expedition of your own-- love the bag!!