Sunday, October 26, 2008

my weekend

this is what i did this weekend:

bought new Dansko's- i love my red ones, but black ones were needed. i also found a pair of Uggs that i LOVE! usually i think they're kind of ugly- but these ones don't look like regular Uggs- they're just...awesome. i didn't feel like shelling out $180 bucks though (since i had already spent $100 on the Dansko's) so i'll go back when it gets a little colder- i also found an awesome paid of Uggs slipper that i want- but $80 is a bit much for slippers, so we'll see.
finished megan's scarf- this was my 3rd one & it came out awesome if i might say. i also started another one for my friend manda. i'm trying out some new stiches & we'll see how it turns out. yeee!

caught gary looking at LOL Cats- tsk tsk tsk. look at i!!!

and my biggest accomplishment: i made my first 2 cakes that someone is actually going to PAY ME FOR!!! its my first sale!!! i'm so stoked:

Spiced Pumpkin Cake with Marscarpone Frosting

Apple Spice Cake with Marscarpone Frosting

i'm really excited about the cakes- they came out awesome! the husband will take them to work tomorrow & deliver them to his boss (he's the one buying them) and i can't wait!

i also read an awesome book: Sarah's Key. it's a Bookmarked (club pick) at Target, and with good reason. if you're looking for a good read, i would suggest you pick it up.
and that's about it. i'm sure i could find something else to ramble on about but i'm lazy...
oh yeah, i cleaned out my bedside drawer today & found about 30 condoms- wtf?! we've never even used condoms, so why the hell do i have so many? and most of them were expired- like in 06/07. ha! except the strawberry flavored ones...and the studded ones. good grief. wtf am i going to do with strawberry flavored condoms?! anyway- i threw most of them away but gary decided to drag them out of the trash & play with them. what a freak.
ok- ciao!
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Danse said...

OMG, those cakes look amazing!

I heart danskos too. I have the meredith I think - I've been wearing them for 2 years (pretty much everyday) - I should really invest in a new pair...

Andrea said...

Very pretty cake:)

Poeia said...

Confession: I have three pairs of Danskos. Black, brown, and red. In my defense, I did get the red ones for like $30 at the Dansko outlet in PA. I have been thinking about selling the red ones because I hardly have worn them and I don't really need three pair now that I am not working.

And I would tap that cake. It looks that good.

Rebekah said...

I want to eat those cakes! Yum! Very good job!

Echloe said...

You go girl. People paying you for baking. That is my dream.

I've been eyeing Danskos for a while but hate to pay $100 for clogs. I had no problem paying for my UGGs though. They were so worth the money. I love them so much.