Saturday, March 15, 2008

soooo today

so, i'm due to ovulate soon i have yet to get a +opk- i'm a little worried because i had my HSG this month & i keep thinking that we may have a really good shot- but if i miss my O or i don't O...yikes! i'll test again tomorrow & i PRAY it's a +.
in other news: we bought a gun today- yep! it's a Ruger 9mm semi-automatic. my husband wants it for protection & i'm cool with that. i was raised with guns & i've fired them before so i feel very comfortable with it in the house. we spent that day with his parents & him & his dad took it apart & put it back together & did "guy gun things" i don't know. i hung out with his mom & complained about how bored i was- ha!

yeah- so that's about it- nothing new- blah blah blah. i'm gonna go think about what to buy with my 25% off coupon @ Coach tomorrow (thanks to a wonderful nest lady) - wooo! i also have a 25% off coupon for Linens-n-Things too- so yeah- good times!
God Bless!
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