Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh my God

i'm lazy so XP from the Nest:

well- we sat down w/the RE thinking that we would be getting some great news...not so much. basically my husband's 2nd SA was even worse then the first- the only thing that got better was his count- up from 20 mill to 40mill- but everything else got worse- we're talking low motil, morph, progression- etc. basically less than 2% on things that should be 4-5% & above. so yeah- to put it lightly- his sperm=FAIL! ha. poor hubbythen it was my turn- all my blood tests came back fine but my HSG results weren't too great- here i was thinking my tubes were all clear & open- nope. he thinks they are both blocked with scar tissue (from what, i have no idea) the right one might have a little bit of an opening- but that's about it. so my tubes=FAIL! wow- we're quite a pair here!ok so here's the kicker- he had to give us our "options" and those were:1. do a LAP (to see if we can figure out my tubes)2. do IUI3. IVFhowever, he's not a big fan of LAPs because there is no guarantee & he thinks it's a lot of wasted time & energy. ok cool, i can deal- i don't want one anyway. so we asked about IUI- well, we=not good candidates. another FAIL. his sperm, my tubes=slim chance of sucess. sooo, our only real "option" is IVF. he said our chances of sucess are 50% (which i guess is good) and he wants us to go with that. we asked him straight out what he thinks we should do and without blinking he said "IVF- no doubt" is we wanted to try IUI he said he'd understand but he doesn't think we should waste our time. basically the chances of us getting pregnant on our own or with IUI are "slim to none" (he almost winced when he was saying this- ha- he's such a cute little man)so after looking at each other, even being a little in shock, we said "ok". so he pulled out all the paperwork & had us get to work on filling that out. then he sent us to his nurse & she gave me all the info for the drugs & etc etc. it was like a blur- she showed me how to use the gonel f (right?) pen and asked if i wanted to take my progesterone via a shot in the butt or those little pills you take vaginally- i went with the pills because there is no way my husband is sticking me with needles in my_ass. so yeah- whew- OMG! we're doing IVF- it's surreal & a little heartbreaking because we can't do this on our own- but at the same time i'm happy that we're on our way. so now i just wait for FP to start & then i start taking my BC pills- after that i get started with all the shots & pills & ER & ET & i don't even know. well sorry this was so long- if you're still with me then thanks for reading- i'm suprised that i'm not more upset about this- i'm more excited because i think we actually have a chance now, you know? my husband is a little bummed but he said he would do whatever i want & i know he just wants a baby- or two (hehe!)ahh well- i guess that's it. OMG! i never saw myself here- ever.

whew- i feel very thankful & very blessed to even have the opportunity to go forward with this- God has definately opened this door when the last one slammed shut. thank you so much Lord!
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