Wednesday, March 19, 2008

birthday cake

i made a birthday cake for one of my co-workers: it tasted wonderful! i was quite pleased:

it was a 2 layer white cake with cream cheese frosting & strawberry puree- fabulous!

in other news: i went to the dentist today- ugh! after the dental hygenist ravanged my mouth with her tools of torture the dentist came in and did her "tsk tsking" ha- i've needed a crown for awhile but my insurance keeps being lame & "losing" my pre-auth- whatever- i have to go in & have the cavity filled tomorrow and when the crown comes in they'll put it on. so tomorrow morning will be sucky but the good news is no new cavities! that's a full year with nothing new, i'm quite proud of myself! i guess that $15 toothpaste is paying off. blah blah blah. at least there's a new south park on tonight- that will keep me happy for therest of the week.

also i 'm looking over all my IVF info & instructions. all i can say is WOW- i feel so overwhelmed! i'm very thankful that this option is available to us so i don't feel right "complaining" about all the steps- but i am worried that i'll do something wrong! i'll just have to trust that God wants me to be a mommy as much as i want to be one & He'll make sure i do everything right! i don't want to tell anyone about it yet- but i also want my family to be praying- so i'm a little mixed on what i want to do. my mother prays for me all the time anyway so i think that should cover it! go mom!

weeeeell- that's it for now. God Bless!

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