Saturday, March 29, 2008

good times ahead

well- i can honestly say i had high hopes for this cycle- i had weird cramps & my nipples hurt & i was tired, hungry, thirsty & peeing alot more than usual- but alas! my FP showed up bright & early this morning so BCP start on monday. it's going to be weird to have to take BC again- but at least it's only for 3 weeks- then i get to start injecting myself ::shudder:: i'm not looking forward to it but if it helps get us pregnant then i am willing to do just about anything- Lord, give me strength!

anyway- we just booked our 1st anniversary get away- well be going up north to:
it's a pet friendly cabin in the woods of Northern NH right on the river & lakes of Umbagog & we'll spend July 3rd- 7th fishing, reding, playing wih Max & just getting away from everything. i can't wait!

well i'm off to enjoy my lazy saturday. ciao.
God Bless
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