Monday, January 28, 2013

Alex's big girl room

you guys probably think the title of this post is a big fat lie. because i'm pretty sure i've promised to post about this 100 times in the past 2 years.

i can explain. no really, i can. you see, alex's room is orange. i'm pretty sure the color on the paint can contained the words "macaroni & cheese". so as much as i ADORE the color (seriously, i still love it 2 years later) it's a BITCH to photograph. seriously. custom white balance or not- every time i tried my eyes would bleed. & when i tried editing them...yeah no. the room looked pink.
it was a super fail. even with my off camera flash, fail fail fail.

so i said whatever. but then i upgraded my camera. (have i mentioned i upgraded to the Nikon D700 & i'm pretty much in love with it. no, i'm not having it's babies (this baby = the husband's) but i might consider it in the future)- anyway, my D700 has crazy noise control @ a super high ISO. like, CRAZY. my D90 was awesome & i still think of it fondly- but there is a big diff & the D700 totally wins.

i finally (right after afternoon nap time) ran downstairs & cranked my ISO up to 6,400. that's right people, 6,400. boom. win. finally.

no flash, barely any natural light & an orange bedroom- somewhat successfully captured.

some of the shots still = funky color wise, but all in all the pictures are pretty accurate.
so without further adieu, alex's big girl room.

now- a few things:
- my favorite framed print of a sloth & a little girl reading (which used to sit on top of her book cubby) is missing. remind me to tell you the story of how my 3 year old managed to grab the framed print, smash it to the ground & walk on the broken glass. amazingly enough, she managed to escape with 1 tiny cut on her finger. only 1! but that tiny cut bled like a mofo all over the print, her floor, her door, her bed sheets...etc etc. so alas, no print for now. must replace.
- there isn't much on her walls. no indeed. the husband feels physical pain when i nail nails. so i try & spare him. i'm also so undecided on what i want to hang & where- so alas. the poor kid has lived with all but bare walls for 2 years. but i'm going to rectify that. i bought an adorable shelf (Land of Nod) & i've pinned a zillion prints to print & hang. i also have some magnetic paint (crazy stuff) that i plan to dedicate a 4x4 amount of wall space too- complete with colorful magnetic Tegu blocks that the girls go for Christmas. so let's do this.
- this room will only look like this for another couple weeks. & then- out goes the toddler bed + the dresser & in comes 2 twin beds. omg. yes, the girls will be sharing a room to make room for baby bird#3. i debated over a bunk bed or 2 twin beds & finally (after finding some awesome West Elm beds that i adore) decided on the twin beds. their mattresses came in last week but the beds won't be here until the end of Feb. so we wait.
- i really love the orange. i wish you could see it in real life- it's so fun & vibrant but also not overwhelming. the furniture is white because, well yeah. orange & white work. i wish there was more natural light (we're only working with a small window because her room is in the basement) but it gets pretty bright during the we make due.
- my child spends almost no time in her room outside of sleeping. seriously. now that the girls will be sharing, & with baby #3 coming, i plan on changing that a bit. i want to make it fun &  a bit more comfy so they can play without worrying about waking up the baby. but it's a small space & choosing the twin beds meant sacrificing extra room. so ideas are welcome. the space as a whole will be changing, so my goal it to fit in a reading/sitting nook (maybe where those pillows are) so the girls can spend time in their room when needed.

& etc etc etc. i'm excited for them to share their room. that was the main reason i went with twin beds over a bunk bed. i think they'll prefer being able to see each other & talk & share sister stuff. plus i think it's a tad bit safer (my girls are insane. crazy insane.) i have so many decorating ideas- i just need to get off my butt & make them happen. most are diy (prints, pillows, etc) but a few require $$$ (damn you expensive rugs & shelving) so i'm procrastinating. but my goal is to have them sharing the space by March & to finish making it perfect by June...goals people. goals.
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