Wednesday, January 23, 2013

they say things

i wish i could bottle up all of the nifty things alex & brynn say.
perhaps i should start carrying around a tape recorder.

- alex says something witty & epic.
- i pull out my tape recorder, hit record & repeat said witty & epic comment.

there would be 2 benefits to this.

1. i'd be able to remember all of the awesome things they come up with.
2. people would probably think i'm a reporter or an author or a foreign correspondent. then they wouldn't question my unwashed hair, crooked glasses & pilling fleece jacket. they'd just accept it as part of me being awesome & eccentric because clearly my genius mind is constantly churning out bits of awesome so i clearly have no time for things like haircuts, eye wear that isn't 3 years old & a new (perhaps fashionable) jacket.

yes. note to self: buy mini recorder.
but for serious. my children say amazing things. things like:

- "mom. i want a bagel...with cheese on it." -alex
- "mom, my poop smells terrible." -brynn
- "mom, whatcha got there?" -alex
- "mom, you're not sad. you're happy!" -brynn
- "mom, daddy is better." -alex
- "STUPID CAT!!!!" -brynn
- "mom. stay here. watch me poop." -alex
- "mom. i don't want my food. i want your food." -brynn
- "DAD, MOM HIT ME! THAT'S NOT NICE! SHE NEEDS AN UH-OH!" -alex (i'm not even going to try & explain)
- "mom, alex is naughty. she needs an uh-oh. i'm really mad!" -brynn
- (gasps) "momma! that dress is beautiful! you're a princess!" -alex & brynn
- "mom, you have a biggie butt!" -alex & brynn
- "mom, you have a hairy face. like daddy." - alex (wtf kid?)
- "daddy. you're home. welcome home!" -brynn
- "mom, that lady looks like a hippopotamus." -alex (the lady was very normal & non hippo looking)
- "momma, i want some coffee!!!" -brynn (i swear she doesn't drink coffee)
- "dad...just LISTEN to me!" -alex
- "mom, look at your boobies! they're big....i have little boobies." -brynn
- "mom, dad, you're my best friend." -alex & brynn

& the list goes on. & on. & on.
not a day goes by where i'm not mesmerized by something that flies out of their little mouths. something every day or something new. something that they're repeating or something that they've come up with all on their own (like brynn, who has taken to using the word "yestertime." i'm pretty sure it's a mix of yesterday & another time because when she uses it, it makes perfect sense.)

"mom, i'll do that yestertime." "mom, i like cake yestertime." "NO ALEX! YESTERTIME!"

see what i mean?

they're like sponges. soaking up all the good (& sometimes bad) things & wringing them out while i watch in fascination, sometimes horror & lots of pride.

the other day i was furious with alex over something. i'm pretty sure she's managed to smack her sister, talk back to me & dump an entire plate of food on the floor. on purpose. in the space of 3 minutes.
as my voice rose & rose alex looked at me & said, "mom. just calm down. it's ok. you'll fix it."

how do you not just stop? & laugh. & maybe cry a little....& then put her in time out because after all, she did hit her sister. not cool.
but still. awesome, right?

i guess my point is that our kids are pretty kick ass. & i think they get a good % of that from us. which means we're pretty kick ass & despite our worries, fears, trepidation & lack of haircuts + fashionable wardrobes: we're doing a pretty good job. high five.

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Keeping Mum said...

Hi, Im so glad you did a post on this. You always always make us laugh and nod over here. My 2 1/2 yr old has taken to saying lastday instead of yesterday and telling daddy...mummy came back, she missed us, she sssoo happy to see son, i just went to do the So thank you for being awesome!! Tegan

Rachel @ The House of Burks said...

They are too cute! I love the funny things my boys say. I wish I had a tape recorder running 24/7 to catch the little things.

mama foosa said...

Lol I needed this laugh :)

Faren said... now my new favorite word.;) Kids are hilarious.

Bridgett Nicolace-Bird said...

Your face is hairy?! wtf?! ha! ok I laughed over that one...