Wednesday, September 7, 2011

i'm back

i feel like a very bad blogger. i think we're going on 2 weeks since a post with any substance. for shame.

but in my defense- i've been away. and quite busy. so yeah- it's ok- yes?

but let's catch up.
- a week off from work
- 24 hours without power thanks to Irene
- birdesmaid in my friend's wedding
- bake 150+ cupcakesfor said friend's wedding
- bake a cake for said friend's wedding
- did i mention said friend's wedding was in NY? and we drove there? sans the children?
- clean, pack, iron, wash hair, wash clothes, pack some more, prep babies, prep in-laws, prep friends who will be watching my spawn...etc etc
- drive. sleep. pee. get gas. drive. drink. pee some more. get more get the idea

however we survived. as did the girls & my best friends who watched the girls for the 1st day (said friends have decided they never want children. ever. never ever.)

i slammed out 150+ cupcakes & a surprise cake for the bride & groom. i managed to put my dress on & not spill anything on it. i managed to sweat all over my body (people, it was HOT) but still keep my minimal makeup in tact. i managed to get kick ass no heat curls (thank you Pinterest):

No heat curls!!! Success! Happy bridesmaid am I!

i sort of want to do this daily. or at least weekly. except for the fact that the hairband almost cut off all the circulation to my face- but that could be the fault of my massive head.

hmm- so the bride looked beautiful (despite an hour wait because the power went out & my husband had to run & get a generator from the Home Depot) the groom was teary eyed, the bridesmaids looked amazing & the weather was perfection.

we ate, toasted, danced, typed out messages of love on a typewriter, set off lanterns into the night sky & packed it all up within 2 hours. awesome.

the husband & i were gone from wed night - sun day. we drove 6-7 hours both ways & made it through on minimal sleep. we rock. high fives.

and can i say i missed the girls like whoa? almost hurt. and they were beyond thrilled when we got home. brynn started screeching this weird happy noise & WALKED over to us.
yeah- did you get that?

my 8 month old child WALKS! wtf?! it's mind boggling. i'll leave it at that.

we had monday to regroup (thank you Labor Day) & back to the daily grind on tuesday. now it's wed & i'm at work. and it's raining. and i'm starving. and someone cooked something in the kitchen that smells like dead butt. seriously. it's awful. what in the world could it even be??

moving on. i have a few thing going on/coming up.

- review/shout out to Nerdy Shirts for hooking me up with a pretty sweet t
- review/ shout out to Toke shoes for hooking the girls up with THE cutest shoes ever
- tons of pictures (actually, not tons- just many)
- launching my photography site (right? i'm nervous too)
- photoshoots galore
- alex's b-day in 3 weeks
- more stuff & things

so be on the lookout for a flurry of internet in yo face. bam.

and since you're probably trying to make sense of everything i just said, i'll end this. and leave you with a few pics via Instagram:

Tree down!

Irene left us a present in our backyard

Almost there...pee stop

to & from

Homemade brownies on my lap- dangerous

i also made way too many brownies this past weekend

Only 50 (give or take) more to go...

3/4ths of the way 85+ degree weather. booom.

oh wait- and i think i promise you a few adorble pictures of the girls at the beach 2 weeks ago- no?


happy beachin'

as always- the entire set is on my Flickr page

i'll be back tomorrow- i promise!
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Legally Brunette said...

"smells like dead butt". -classic- love it. Did you ever find out what they were cooking? Please let it not be what you had expected upon first whiff....

Ryan V. said...

hey, I was wondering when you were coming back, especially with more pics of your sweet girls. I can't believe B is walking!!!! I feel like she was just born like 2 months ago! One of my friends has a 9 month old who is walking already and I thought that was crazy! My nephew just turned 1 last week and JUST started crawling! Lazy butt. Glad the wedding weekend went well and the cupcakes came out ok! Good luck with your photog page! I have wanted to do that for a while but haven't built up a good portfolio yet! Takes lots of time!

Sarah-Anne said...

it's good to hear from you, T! can't wait to see those GORGEOUS pictures!!

Mrs.F said...

Love those curls. Please share how you did it with "no heat!"

MarMat said...

missed you lady.
I love those curls. They look so good on you.

jealous ------------>
Alex having fun in the beach, and Brinn made it to the shore.

My girl screamed everytime we tried to get her close to the water. She wouldn't stand the sand on her feet. Sandals a must. Sigh, I guess she is a diva.

GL with your site and upcomming events. :)

Desi said...

First of all. Your no heat curls look better than any of them that I've ever seen!!! Amazing. Also, so glad that you had a great time at the wedding. AAAND, holy Brynn walking!

Rebecca Bany said...

Great pics!

Amy said...

I love the pics. And sometimes it's good to take a blog break. Sometimes I have nothing to say!

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances said...

I hate you and your gorgeous curls. Honestly, I see that chick do her hair on the video and every part of me thinks "No way. No way her hair looks like that the next morning - it should be a giant mess."

The girls are so cute!!