Friday, September 9, 2011

and we're off

i promised to be back yesterday- that was obviously not a good thing to promise since it didn't happen.

bad bad bad.

however- i'm back today & i'd like to point your attention in the direction of my new website:

Trina Bird Photography

i wrapped it up pretty late last night so a few tweaks & a bit more streamlining is needed- but considering the amount of shoots i have coming up, i needed to get it Live.

so i promise an "About Me" section soon & i promise the slideshow will look prettier. but for now- it's not half bad (in my humble opinion)

it technically = my photography website & my photography blog all in one. for the business side of things. read: something that'll make me some extra cash

this blog is still my baby & will still be updated & filled with pictures of my spawn on a regular basis. i just needed some separation & professional...ness.

you're welcome to follow the photo blog & comment & etc. i LOVE hearing from you gals (guys?) and everyone likes a little encouragement- right?

so there it is. all my hard work. my eyes are watery & my butt is sore from sitting in front of my computer- but hopefully it'll be worth it!

p.s. the no heat curl thing got a few "ZOMG HOW!?" requests: No Heat Curls. seriously easy & awesome.
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Carol said...

Website looks amazing, T! You should be so proud of yourself...I am!

Sarah-Anne said...

congrats friend!! can't wait to see you succeed in this :)

Ryan V. said...

Love the website! Mustard yellow is so your color! If you are ever near phoenix, pleeeeeeeaase bring your camera and be my photographer!! Love all of those pictures! Is that a bernese mountain dog in the pictures with the bride? I LOVE those dogs! (side note haha)

e and w said...

beautiful new site! best of luck :)

Anonymous said...

The new sight is beautiful! I'm sure you'll be a ranging success!

CLML said...

Love the new site and btw - thank you for the link for the no heat curls. I did it last night and it seriously turned out awesome. Yay for 5 minute styling!! THANKS!

MarMat said...

Congrats on your new website!
Too bad you are so far away. Boo