Friday, July 24, 2009

vom inducing post

so i ordered these darling watercolors from an Etsy seller- i was pretty stoked to get them on friday & went to rip open the package about 20 min after the husband brought it in.

well i was opening it and i noticed a couple little ants- so i squashed them & figured they found their way into our mailbox somehow- so i opened it some more & noticed more um, gross! so i ran outside to our porch & made my husband open it the rest of the way....OH MY GOD! i almost died. there was literally an ANT NEST inside the package, i mean, there were little eggs & everything- i almost fell off the porch in horror. even my husband was like- "Dude...gross"


so i took some pics...(you can see i'm NOT exagerating when i say there was HUNDREDS of ants!!!)

are you itchy yet? are you squirming & covering your mouth in horror?! because i still am- UGH!
so i messaged the Etsy seller & sent her the pics & she was equally as horrified- she assured me that they had no idea what had happened because they package these pics in their bedroom (yikes)
i threw the whole mess into a bag & taped the shit out of it- i'm going to put it in an envelope & mail it back today & we're going to go from there.
but seriously- isn't that aweful? everytime i look at those pictures i get ichy & twitchy. I FREAKING HATE ANTS!!!!!
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Mandy said...


My open roads said...

omg, pretty disqusting!!! she better not charge you a dime, how grose!

True Companions Plus One? said...

Oh gross. Just - gross.

shawnandlarissa said...

OMG. Gross