Monday, July 6, 2009

schedule & etc

pictures will follow- perhaps this evening. but i'm lazy, so no promises.

nursery floor = done (minus the trim because my father i law forgot his nail gun- der. he'll do it next time he comes. very well then.
nursery furniture = done! the husband set it up on friday night & it's oh- so lovely! on sat we purchased the mattress, changing pad, sheets, waterproof mattress pad & changing pad cover. i set everything up & it's darling.
mobile = hung. woot.
nursery carpet = layed out. i. seriously. love. it.
hospital tour = tonight (mon) @ 6. should be good times.
30 week OB appt = tues. yay.
2nd aniversary = tues. damn.
work trip (includes flying to FL) = July 29th-Aug 1st. should

etc etc etc = so much more to do. goodness. my work is neevr done. never, ever, ever.
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Callie said...

traveling to FL??

can't wait to see pics!

FaithJoy said...

soo exciting !!!! cant wait for the pics :)