Sunday, October 5, 2008

thank you!

i just wanted to take a minute & thank everyone for their prayers, well wishes, thoughts, fingers crossed, breaths held- everything! it seems weird to take comfort in all of the above, from ladies on the internet, but it means everything to me.
it's hard to respond back to every comment so i wanted to do it in this post. thank you to everyone- you are all WONDERFUL!!!

hmm- well, while this whole thing has really sucked i'm trying to keep a positive outlook on things. we can obviously get pregnant, so that's good! too bad it wasn't in the right spot- i joked with brandon that this baby obviously had my sense of direction. der. :)

umm- my shot(s)of methotrexate (yes, TWO) in the ass weren't bad at all- i hardly felt them- so that was a plus. i had a little breakdown about everything while driving back to work- but then i decided that, that would be the last time. if you dwell & dwell you'll never get over it. so that's it! it is what it is & we're moving on.

we can't get pregnant for at least two months so during that time i'm going to pray that my levels go down QUICKLY & we're going to try & get in my LAP. then in December we'll probably do another fresh cycle with assisted hatching. hopefully. as long as my body & RE's office cooperates, that's how it'll be!

so what do i have to be looking forward to you ask? TWILIGHT! NOVEMBER 21st!!! OMG!!!!
aaand Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday. oh yeah- and cessna finally got her cast off and her foot looks all kinds of wonky- like seriously. i'd post pics but it sorta freaks me out. hopefully she gets some muscle tone back in that thing pretty quicly cause...yeeesh!

and that's that!!! thank you all again! hopefully the next time a pregnancy is mentioned in this blog, it'll be a healthy, viable one! thanks again!
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MAK-now said...

I just wanted to say I'm really sorry and I'm praying for you!!!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you are doing well. ((hugs)) I'm thinking of you often. I hope your little puppy's foot gets better soon. My Abby had her foot wrapped for a long time once and it looked crazy weird when it was unwrapped.

Echloe said...

I hope the wait goes by super fast and that the lap will fix whatever is broken.

shawnandlarissa said...

I admire how well you are handling all of this. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Trevor's Bride said...

Good luck sweety. I love the new layout of the blog.

Andrea said...

So sorry for your loss. I am praying your fresh cycle in Dec. will be the lucky, healthy, and sticky BFP! Good luck!