Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RE Appt

sooo: our RE appt went well! he already had all of our medical info faxed over so he asked us some basic questions & then wanted to look at my charts. he said they were "text book" so i was pretty stoked about that. he also told brandon that his SA results "were'nt all that bad" so that made him happy. after being nice and putting us at ease he sent us over to his nurse to set up all the testing. SO- within the next 3 weeks if my FP shows, we will have to do the following:
1. basic bloodwork (done)
2. cd3 bloodword
3. ultrasound
4. HSG (eek)
1. basic bloodwork (done)
2. SA #2

we both took care of the basic b/w yesterday so we're good to go with that. brandon has to set up his next SA within the next two weeks & if/when my FP shows up i will have to call on cd1 to set up the cd3 b/w, ultrasound & HSG. sounds like a blast! after all the testing comes back, we'll head back to the RE for a follow up visit & go from there! i'm pretty excited to have a plan- i expressed that to brandon but i think it upset him because he feels like i've given up hope of us just getting pregnant "naturally". i tried to explain that, that is not what i mean, but i don't know if he get's it. it's already been 11 cycles & it hasn't happened yet, so yes, getting a course of action DOES excite me! and no, i don't "count" on getting pregnant anymore- it sucks too much getting FP every month like clockwork. that is not to say that i don't want it to just happen- but i'd rather forge ahead with treatments & get pregnant than wait around for it to just "happen". but i guess i don't really expect him to understand my views on it either because neither of us are in each other's shoes. we're in the same boat, but at totally different ends. we're both for "it" happening, but we each deal with how it might have to happen a little differently. meh- the end result will make us both happy though, so i try not to sweat it.

so yes- that's what's up & all in all, i'm happy. i think this getting pregnant thing could very well happen to us within the next couple months!

p.s. my cake was a HUGE success! yay!
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