Friday, February 1, 2008


well i thought i might have a shot this month at getting knocked up (we mananged to squeeze in sex once before i ovulted despite the traveling) but now, i doubt it. all signs point to my FP (fucking period). it sucks wicked bad this month because on top of finding out last month that friends of ours are pregnant(and shouldn't be) i just found out yesterday that a friend of mine is pregnant again too (almost the EXACT same situation as my other friends except that they're not married & only hate each other sometimes) either way- they all have 3 kids already & are beyond poor. what the FUCK!? this is insanely unfair. i try not to bitch too much but this is really killing me.

ugh- whatever. i have to go to work & it's supposed to be a shitty day weather wise & then i have to babysit 3 beautiful little girls tonight (one highlite of my day, but still a cruel reminder of what i can't have) blah.

God Bless
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