Sunday, February 17, 2008

happy sunday

I made a birthday cake today- tomorrow is a co-worker's b-day and since it was my b-day was last, i have to provide the cake this time around. i don't mind at all, because of my love for baking and this particular co-worker. she is the sweetest, quirkiest, craziest lady ever. she's also a new grandmother, so while i have to listen to accounts of her grandaughter's latest accomplishments, (i.e. blinking, smiling, pooping) i still love her. sooo, when i was told she like chocolate cake with chocolate icing went to work. in the end, this was the result:

i'm pretty excited about it- i don't really like chocolate on chocolate but i taste tested some and i think it's gonna be a hit. even brandon tried it and he dislikes chocolate on chocolate even more than i, and he said it was good. so i'm pleased. unfortunately i won't get to see any of the reactions to it because i have my RE appt tomorrow at 2p.m. and that's when we usually "do" the birthday stuff. booo- but it's a small price to pay for some answers to our childless life!!!
so yeah- i'm pretty stoked about our appt and i hope we get some answers or testing scheduled at least. i'm hoping to be knocked up within the next month- ha! we shall see. ah well- i'm off.
God Bless
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