Monday, November 19, 2007

working late

i have to work the 11:30a.m-8:30p.m. shift this week. i was smart and chose thanksgiving week because we get two days off. i'm a genious. i love myself.

but, it's pretty boring- all of our eastern & central time clients are gone- and there are no more mountain & pacific time calls left- so that leaves me with nothing to do for another 2 hours. nothing that is except for post here, read the nest, and listen to my iPod. i'm so cool.

i could have worked from home- but then i'd just be distracted by my husband & my dog- though being distracted would be a welcome reprive from my current boredom. Lordy! maybe i'll work from home tomorrow- this huge empty building is a little creeptastic. meh.

in other news- my period is almost done and from there i can just concentrate on when i'll be ovulating; more so on making sure we stay awake to have sex. i know when the big "O" will be going down- i just don't want to miss our chance. it's to bad my husband and i aren't crazy sex fiends- then we'd never tire of all this sexual activity.
but i'm doing well- plenty of green tea & pnv's. i'm even going to go for the Robittusen this month. who KNEW it would take all this crap to get knocked up. for real.

crap- a client has just rung. boo yah.

God is love.
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