Friday, November 16, 2007

oh fun

getting this font the right size is a pain in the ass. but i think i have it now.
it's a rainy friday. i love fridays and i love rain so all in all, this should be a good day. (except that i'm at work. but that's neither here not there)
however- my ever faithful monthly friend was supposed to show up today, and she has not. now considering the fact that i would love to be pregnant, this might be considered a good thing. but alas- several negative pregnancy tests sit in my bathroom trash at home. mocking me. bitches!
i never though getting pregnant would take so much thought and planning.
this is what we're looking at here:
Cycle # 7 off birth control (been off since may)
Cycle # 4 charting (actively started charting in aug)
i have very regular periods and a 12 day lp. yet here i sit- still not knocked up. damnit!
i thought this might be our month- my temps stayed up and i had no spotting...but the pregnancy test window is "you're not pregnant" white as white can be. and now my body is preparing for AF's stay- i mean usually the bitch starts moving in two days ahead of time, making me well aware of her impending arrival. but this month- i don't know. it feels like she can't decided wether she wants to visit me or...?
and while i am OVERJOYED for all the lovely Nest ladies that are getting knocked up right & left- it really doesn't help. especially when the ones that have been trying for all of 1 or 2 cycles end up getting a BFP at like, 8 or 9 dpo. i'm very envious of their obviously fertile wombs & husbands with sniper sperm.
oh well, all in God's time right???
God is good, and His love endures forever.
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