Monday, November 26, 2007

back to work

today i see myself sitting here, at my desk, doing nothing all. day. long.
this "going back to work after four days off" thing is not working out for me. ugh. the only bright side to coming back is that i was able to pass out my christmas cards. i love being the first one.

i made rice krispie treats last night and this morning they're a little hard. too bad those things are never as good the next day. i'm eating them anyways. at 8 o'clock in the morning. awesome.

in other news:
this weekend i bought new bedding- it is the most comfortable bedding in the world. i've decided that sleeping is now my favorite thing to do. i can't wait to go home and do that.

also when i get home i have to pee on a stick- just an opk but a stick all the same. i don't think there'll be a :) today but i'm expecting it within the next 2-3 days so yeah. i've been drinking green tea and sucking down robitussen (wal-tussen really) and i usually have ewcm anyway- but i have a lot more and i'm hoping it thins out. i wiped last night and there was this amazing glob of it. no matter how often i see it, i'm still struck by how nasty it looks. and by nasty i mean cooool. i'm so gross. i wicked want to post a picture of it- just to freak people out. nice.

meh- anyway. i have to go and attempt to do some work at least.

thank you God for allowing me to live & breath for another day.
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