Friday, October 5, 2012

what we wore

my children are easy to dress. i can eyeball their size, grab something cute & call it a day.

myself, not so much. there is no eyeballing (mainly when it comes to pants)- those bad boys need to be tried on & analyzed in front of a full length mirror with horrible lighting.

but now & again i manage to snag a few items that actually work together (imo) & i feel like a respectable member of quasi-fashion society.

sweater: Old Navy
pants: Old Navy
pink tank top: Target
shoes: Steve Madden

dress: H&M
shoes: Boc by Born

dress: Zara
boots: Zara
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Hannah said...

you girls look sooo adorible!

Ashley said...

Aw, your girls are adorable - and those are the cutest little dresses!! :)

Baby Mama said...

so cute! I love your sweater!!

Jo said...

oh those babies! and you are darling as well- i picked up that sweater at old navy and then put it back down because i am on a self-imposed spending freeze :/

Zaralex said...

My friend and I, who I turned onto your blog... were just saying how we missed you. booooo. she was so worried you had stopped blogging!