Monday, October 29, 2012

the girls

we could easily pretend that i'm an amazing & dedicated blogger who hasn't not posted in almost a month.

yes. let's pretend.

sitting at my computer the other day i realized that i still haven't posted alex's b-day party pictures. my goal is to do that before brynn's birthday in dec. goodness, that seems so lofty.
regardless, i do have some pictures from alex's actual birthday. we took the day off, went to breakfast & celebrated 3 years of being alive.

yes, i know- they're so big. i'm actually blown away looking at pictures of alex these days. she's a little person, yet bringing her home from the hospital 3 years ago is still pretty vivid in my mind.

she was so tiny & helpless & dependent on us. & now she's sturdy, self sufficient & ever so determined not to be dependent. mind blown.

you know when people tell you, "cherish it! it goes by so fast!" & you're like, "yeah yeah i know. but today feels like foreeeeever." yeah. crazy.
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