Friday, November 2, 2012

trick or treat

this was the first year we've actually taken the girls trick or treating. they were finally old enough to "get" it & thanks to KB we were actually able to go to a neighborhood where houses were within reasonable walking distances.

the only con? we'd been without power since Monday & i was dragging. laundry, dishes, cleaning, no shower, etc etc. i was so close to saying, "no, let's just wait until next year." but then i thought of the girls & i realized how unfair that would be. they're only little once & just because i had dirty hair & was compensating for my lack of showering with perfume, didn't mean they should miss out.

thankfully, the power came back on Wed afternoon & KB had the girls at her house all day. so she bathed them & i rushed home to plus things in, throw clothes in the wash & pick out costumes. princess costumes. of course.

it didn't matter how much i stated, "no princesses!" in my mind- it was inevitable. the girls adore all things princess. so over the last year i've decided to just roll with it. why hate on something that brings them so much joy? in 10 years they might decide that the only color option in their closet = black & then i'll be crying for those princess days. so yeah- princesses work.

i gathered their digs (no costumes for mom & dad this year, although considering our lack of showers & clean clothing we may have passed as hobos) & headed over to KB's. a couple more of the girl's friends were there so 5 excited little girls ate pizza as a game plan was laid out.

costumes on- drive over to the selected neighborhood- park the cars- get pictures- start trick or treating.

6 o'clock = DARK in our neck of the woods. so you'll have to excuse my flashy pictures. the girls still look cute regardless.

as you can see, Pocahontas & Princess Jasmine made out like bandits. some bargaining was done on the way home & 1 package of pretzels, 1 Tootsie Roll & 2 lollipops were consumed in all.
they're not all that impressed with Kit Kat's & Snickers- but lollipops, pretzels & raisins are their jam.

costumes came off, teeth were brushed, stories were read & 2 slightly sugar rushed children were tucked in. tightly.

it was awesome.
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Denise said...

They are so adorable! They looked great in their costumes!