Monday, September 17, 2012

what we wore

after much searching online & going to the mall (on a freaking weeknight at like, 8:30) i scored the perfect, in my opinion, chambray shirt.

i wore it yesterday & one of my best friends told me she had the same 1995.

i told her that chambray is in & that she could shut her mouth. she told me to stop using the term chambray because, dude- it's a denim shirt. then we both looked at the Olan Mills portrait picture of her on the living room wall. the one wear she's wearing her denim shirt. in 1995.

we're still friends. & i'm still going to wear my denim shirt.

 alex & brynn
dresses: Old Navy
brynn's shoes: Livie & Luca
alex's shoes: boc by Born

shirt: A&E
shirt: F21
shoes: Bass
locket: kharaledonne
hair: Diana Ross

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kristy said...

chambray. denim. it's all awesome!

& i just bought the same dress for my daughter :) LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures!

And I love, hair: Diana Ross :)

Gina said...

Yep, I feel like that is my problem with chambray shirts....they remind me of the 5th grade :).

Denise said...

Oh Diana Ross! Lol! That comment made me laugh so hard! You are adoable!

chrissy said...

this entire post is filled with adorableness. gotta love a "classic" like a denim shirt.

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...


This made me laugh. Y'all look adorable.

mama foosa said...

ahhh too cute!!

Anonymous said...

don't laugh, but i have to ask you... what kinds of product do you use on your hair when you wear it curly? i have the same type of hair as you, and while i've mastered the straight look, when i leave it curly i have tons of frizz problems. was just curious, because i think your curls look fantastic. thanks!

t.bird said...

kristy: aren't they the cutest?! i was stoked to score the last 2T!!

Jen: gracias :) & lol

Gina: at first 1 thumbed my nose at them...then i caved. but i still recall my awesome jean shirt & jean vest ensemble...

denise, chrissy, foosa & caroline: gracias ladies!

anonymous: no laughs from me girl. my hair is a hot mess without the right products!

so right now (it changes):
shampoo conditioner: Pureology
i towel dry (barely) & while it's damp: coconut oil + Bamboo Smooth Pure Kendi. then i work in Bumble & Bumble curl conc. creme & Bumble & Bumble Brilliantine. lastly i hit it with some Bumble & Bumble curl conc. foam- scrunch it up & let it dry.
i always wash my hair @ night & toss a handkerchief around it. i sleep on it & in the morning when i get up its perfect.
the good curls last for about 2-3 days & then it's all over. lol. i toss it up in a pony or bun for another 2 days & then start all over. i only wash my hair 1-2x per week.

currently i'm using pureology for shampoo & conditioner but i've got a few bottles of Bamboo products on hand & i'm excited to try them. i also want to get a few more products from the Bamboo line because they smell AMAZING & they're super light & don't weigh my hair down.
i NEVER brush my hair & only comb it when it's wet. i don't comb my curls until it's time to comb them out before washing. i loose a shit ton of hair when i wash it but that's because of the above.

i still don't feel like i have exactly the product mix i want but i'm working on it. i also DESPERATELY need a trim. you can see the bottom is starting to weigh down- i need it thinned out & layered.

having our hair is a lot of work :)