Friday, July 15, 2011

random things

first off- thank you for all the kind words & thoughts in regards to mr. gary cat.
he was awesome. we're going to miss him.

however, let's focus on happier things. yes.

like, swinging. for 2 hours. straight. until you're unable to stand because your equilibrium is off.

thank goodness the ritzy community down the street has a private park (that i have yet to see any other children playing in) because i fear other mother's would mentally stab me for letting my children monopolize the swings.


spitting. fun.


eventually she took a breather to check out the slide


but that lasted all of 5 minutes before she was back on the swings.


much to alex's dismay, we cannot take up residency at the park. so we had to drag her home at some point. but not before i got this video: (forgive the quality- my camera, as awesome as it is, takes the worst videos)

kids are incredible. i wish i got this giddy about something. anything. (besides the Twilight movies)

and for something far less cute- spiderwebs. i loathe spiders. but i can't deny the beauty of their webs. (unless i walk into said webs- which results in my body instantly going into ninja mode in an attempt to escape. have you ever noticed that?)

i was playing with lighting


and sun flare


i love sun flare- but rarely do i get any. now i just need to perfect it.

have a great weekend.
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finallyMom said...

i don't think i could ever grow tired of looking at those girls of yours. they are SO SOOO adorable. i wish i had speakers here (at work) to hear the laughter, but i could imagine. Lovie's opposite- can't get enough of the slide... when she's in the proper mood; otherwise she'd rather go home and eat.

JamieMoore said...

I love how Alex has the sweetest laugh ever! The fact that they find the simplest things so funny is the absolute best.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

When my babies were that little I would put them in the swing together each facing out and they would get such a kick out of it! Your girls are small enough for that you should try it sometime :) <3 your blog!

Rebecca said...

That video is so cute! You just can't help but to laugh along with them, toddlers have the best laughs!

Care said...

Love the video and we have a hard time leaving the park too. The good thing is as Alex gets older, Brynn will follow her everywhere. I just have to tell Portia to head to the car and Addie goes running after her... of course this doesn't help if Alex won't go to the car willingly, hehe.

Can I just say that A) thanks for sharing that giveaway link earlier B) your kids wear the cutest clothing EVER. If you ever plan to get rid of it, please post on your blog 'cause I want it for this baby!!! haha. C) your comments on my last two blog posts made me smile and laugh. Thanks for being so awesome. :)

Carol said...

The photos of your girls are always awesome...but those webs - rediculous awesome. Amazing how something so creepy can be so beautiful!