Thursday, July 21, 2011

oh this weekend

one of my dearest friends is getting married in sept.

so what comes before a wedding? a bridal shower. this weekend. in NY. 7 hours from where we reside.

ah! i'm stoked to go- but let me mention that i'm dragging the family along & i'm baking her cake, cupcakes & various other dessert.

i am COUNTING on the husband to handle the girls for me. straight up take them off my hands for 2 days. i'm going to be covered in sugar, flour & butter. they cannot be near me. as much as i love them.

i'm packing like a mad woman & checking off my list to make sure i have everything.

piping bags
kithen scale
extra clothing
etc etc etc.

see how random?
we'll be driving through the night (to allow for sleeping bebes) and arriving bright & early. like 2am early.

after i get eveyone back to sleep & i'll be headed into the kitchen to start heating up the house.
in the middle of a heat wave.
i suck.
but people like cake.
so that's it then.

i'm off. i have to work. leave early from said work. go to an appt. go home. pack. double check my list. load people in the car. beg the husband to stop at McDonald's. sleep. drool. tell the husband to slow down.

i'm tired already. but super stoked.
have a fabulous weekend!

p.s. and because posts are boring without photos- here's a few macros from last weekend:


ok- NOW have a great weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Sounds like some chaotic fun stuff :) LOL Where in NY are you going?

Laura said...

Sounds crazy! but fun! So...Crazy fun!

Ashley Sisk said...

Those macros are INCREDIBLE!

Sarah-Anne said...

you bake AND you take amazing photos AND make cute bebehs?? you're awesome.